Businesses To Serve 201 Million Hindi Users Online by 2021 662

Google has made it clear to companies, advertisers and marketers that focus on vernacular language use (especially Hindi users) in the digital medium will stand out by getting enhanced engagement and reach.

Let me share with you some hard facts about language demographics in India. Let’s talk about only two languages — Hindi and English.

  • HINDI: According to language data released in June 2018 as part of 2011 Census report, total Hindi speakers were 69 crore in India. This is about 57% of the total Indian population.
  • ENGLISH: According to the same Census report, total English speakers were about 13 crore in India. This is about 11% of the total Indian population.
  • INTERNET USERS IN INDIA: In 2018 there were about 369 million (36.9 crore) internet users in India.
  • SMARTPHONE USERS IN INDIA: There are about 300 million (30 crore) smartphone users in India.

Now bring local language speakers and smartphone & internet users together. Do you understand what you and I are looking at?

About 57% of the Hindi speaking Indian population is a major part of the 36.9 crore Indians who access and consume digital content regularly on their smartphones.

This is exactly what Google is trying to explain to Indian businesses for their digital success in 2019.

3Vs of Digital Success

Vice-Presidents of Google, South East Asia and India, Rajan Anandan stated this year in Mumbai that every advertiser and corporate needs to focus on 3Vs if they want to achieve digital success.

These 3Vs are — Vernacular, Video and Voice. Companies have to think local and regional more than just simply conveying their message in English language and content. Both video and audio too have to be created in local language to get engagement.

Skilled Workforce

If pan-Indian companies want to see the online reach and engagement metrics of their business to go up in India, then they have to better act locally and now. They have to start employing or hiring services of a skilled digital workforce that can handle a minimum of two languages now – English and Hindi.

Power of Hindi

According to Google, gone are the days when there was a snobbish attitude towards any language other than English . Society may continue to value English use, but businesses need to look beyond English creatives and business messages. They have to court the Hindi language to reach out to serve about 201 million Hindi users who will be online by 2021.

Do comment below on what you think is the importance of Hindi for business success now

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