7 SEO Trends to Track for Your Business Success in 2019 457

If you want your business to dominate Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) and earn more revenue in 2019 then adopting these 7 SEO trends will give a competitive advantage to your business.

Creating an effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy and implementing it successfully on your digital assets will continue to drive major SEO Trends in 2019. 

While talking about SEO trends in 2018, we had discussed a number of important SEO factors that help a business move forward in the online space.

Since then many new developments in technology and newer algorithms of search engines have come into existence. They will now drive new SEO trends in 2019 and cement 2018 SEO trends. 

Let’s discuss major SEO trends that should be tracked and implemented for the success of your business in 2019.  

1. Take Care of Mobile-First Indexing

This SEO trend had started gathering steam in 2018. In 2019, this will become critical for your business success. 

You would require knowledgeable professionals to get your desktop website optimized for mobile. Google bots will be keenly looking for the mobile sites that give good UX (user experience). M-dot URLs of your business will not be appreciated by them. As a result, your business might suffer.

Get loading speed of your page right to make Google happy via PageSpeed Insights.

Also check how mobile-friendly is your website page.

2. Optimize for Amazon

It is said that Amazon is the Google of e-commerce. Today any person interested in buying something doesn’t go to Google first. He goes directly to Amazon to check whether that item is available and shipping to his location. 

If your business sells any product and you are an Amazon seller, then your business listing needs to be found by thousands of Amazon users looking for your specific product. You have to do Amazon SEO right for business success.

#3. Understand Search Intent

This is among really important SEO trends now. You need to understand what your audience is searching for on the web. What do they want when they type a keyword? 

They may type a keyword phrase that is:

‘Navigational’ (the intent is to reach a particular site — Facebook, white house website);

‘Informational’ (the intent is to acquire information assumed to be present on one or more web pages — LED smart TV reviews);

‘Transactional’ (the intent is to perform some web-mediated activity — get insurance quotes)

If you can get into the mindset of that user typing the online search query then your business goal becomes more achievable.

#4. Create Exceptional Content

According to Google’s algorithm update in 2018, the search engine is now keenly evaluating content quality being published by a business. The content needs to have depth and breadth about the business. 

Just using search keywords and publishing a post will not work for your online business ranking now. Creating content that solves some problem of an online user is going to be among top SEO trends this year. 

Google is carefully looking at Google Analytics metrics like pages per session that trigger their search algorithm. So it is better to have content-rich pages on your website that visitors want to read.

#5. Get Linkless Backlinks 

If your business gets a brand mention on some other website, then Google bots get interested and rank you higher as an authority voice. Such brand mentions are called linkless backlinks. This began to get importance in 2018.

In 2019 this will be among major SEO trends that will help businesses get better online ROI. Active backlinks are important, but even linkless links now have a power of their own. 

#6. Upgrade Your Local Search Targeting

If your business is not taking the power of local search into consideration, then it becomes all set to take the failure path in 2019. The “near me” searches have increased exponentially since 2018. Your business better have a targeted local approach as part of your SEO strategy to earn a good income. 

#7. Optimize Video Content 

Video content is very popular on smartphones. Video and audio content is consumed many times more than text content on smartphones. Here YouTube leads the way as the go-to platform for watching videos. 

This means you had better get your YouTube SEO right on your business YouTube channel. Video channel optimization is among big SEO trends in 2019 set to increase viewership numbers and business profit.

The time is ripe to follow and adopt these SEO trends. They will help your business ride the wave of success in 2019.

Do comment below on what you think about the SEO landscape in 2019 

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