Is it a Bird? Is it a Plane? No, it’s a Super Massive Black Hole! 6650

Black Hole

“Interstellar”, got it so right! The uncanny accuracy with which this cosmic mystery has been portrayed has made our jaws hit the floor. With the recent ground-breaking images of the Black Hole going viral on the internet, there are many queries popping up about them.

Some of them are as follows:

First up, the black hole, as the name suggests, is definitely not black. The Event Horizon Telescope unveiled its true colours. A blazing riot of orange and yellow, spinning at the speed of light, wrapping in factions of the universe in the celestial whirlwind. An exquisite soufflé of a diminished star, with an incandescent ring orbiting the smouldering ball of imminent singularity.

Secondly, the black hole is not the alternative dimensional inter-space, fast track travel tunnel as depicted in Thor Ragnarok. Well in fact, it is a massive concentration of matter, densely packed into a small gamut with superincumbent weight. Consequently, generating an intense gravitational force that bends the very fabric of the universe as it wraps in light, space and time with it.

Having established that the Black Hole is a stellar mass of gases and dust, apparently swallowing in light, stars and everything around. It sure makes us wonder about its cryptic origin. In simple words, the answer is that Black Holes are a result of dying stars. Not just any star in the sky, but the colossal ones, immeasurably bigger than the Sun. As its nuclear fuel diminishes, the inherent gravity of the star leads to a fierce collapse of the core. Hurling out its layers until all that remains is an unchartered singularity, characterised by an incalculable density with negligible volume.

Moving on, Black Holes have this unique pull-in mechanism called ‘Spaghettification’ that tends to stretch you out like spaghetti. Yep, literally like a spaghetti, thanks to the voluminous gravitational force reigning at the centre.

Lastly, this might sound rather far-fetched. But Black Holes also have a wild theory attributed to them. And it suggests that Black Holes are the procreators of a somewhat modified version of the universe.

In conclusion, the cosmic realms hold multiple secrets that we are en route to discovering, the black hole is one of the highlights. The first ever image of the Black Hole is undoubtedly a milestone, paving way for deeper research.

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