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Mughlai Food

Mughlai cuisine resides in the heart of the city, and we have Shashank from Unsophisticated Foodies presenting the best spots for Mughlai Food.

Lucknow, as the city itself, resonates with mouthwatering delicacies. A hyper-local cuisine with its own taste palette that is hard to discover elsewhere. The city streets are thronged with Mughlai food points at every turn and sieving out the gems is indeed a tough task.

Undertaking this herculean task, Shashank from Unsophisticated Foodies brings you some of his personal favorite Mughlai food stops. Some known and some no so known places that he swears by for fingerlicking food. Scattered around the city, braving the traffic and spearheading their way through the relentless crowd, we finally discover the most satisfying and unbeatable Mughlai flavors.

  1. Sakhawat– Tucked away from the main road. Pulling in avid Mughlai food lovers from the city with its aromatic kebabs. Shekhawat is a humble food joint that you would have not taken notice of if it was not for the incumbent crowd at their doorway and the mesmerizing food offered.

2. Open Air Restaurant– Not far from Shakhawat, the flavor-charged air from the Open Air Restaurant pulls you in. Sandwiched between the Tulsi Theatre and Gemini Continental, lies a lane that is a short trip to food heaven. The first outlet that welcomes you into the food epiphany is Open Air Restaurant. A frenzied hub of tikkas and chicken gravies, showcased seductively, charming in hungry souls.

3. Shaban Non-Veg Corner– The locally acclaimed food spot that like the others, needs no fancy setting to earn its food lovers. Well, if the staple outlets have satiated your heart, check out this food point at Saadatganj that bring you some stupefying flavor profiles at very pocket-friendly prices.

4. Naimat Khana– A recent addition to the city, this food outlet is as homely as could be. We mean this in a very literal sense. The out-of-box food concept presented n Lucknow is winning hearts all along. A restaurant set within a home houses chefs or say the best hands at Awadhi food- Women from the heart of the city, serving home-cooked delicacies! Flavors cannot get any more authentic and heartfelt than this.

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| Lucknow Chapter | ❤Ghar Jaisa Laziz Khana @naimatkhanekakhana ❤ . This place deserves a huge shoutout for the food and I must say it is a hidden gem for avadhi people as they serve some lipsmacking avadhi dishes that has been passed on to generations. And the best part is that the food served comes from the home of these families who have preserved the recipe from ages. This makes the place very unique in its own way, plus the cutlery they use is so damn beautiful! The dine-in is inside a house (Sanatkada), with very peaceful and calm surroundings. Landmark – Near Indira Gandhi Eye Hospital, Qaiserbagh. . Dishes that one must try here for sure: •Boti Ke Kebab, Kacche keeme k kebab, Shami Kebab in starters. •Chicken quorma, Aaloo Gosht, Queema do pyaza in non veg main course. •Yakhni Pulao is a must try here (Recommended) This was the first time I had this dish and became my favorite from the day. Salted pulao with super tender mutton pieces. The chicken biryani was good too. •In veg – Tried khatte baigan k bharte was really well cooked. •In desserts – Shahi Tukda & Mong ki daal ki kheer were good with perfectly balanced sugar. . #foodguide101 #lucknow #instagood #photooftheday #foodgasm #fbci_official #chicken #foodtalkindia #delhi #varanasi #hyderabad #mumbai #photography #foodcoma #indianfoodbloggers #picoftheday #foodyatra #vsco #Love #happy #Fashion #foodphotography #plixxo #instafood #follow #art #phonephotography #foodstagram #xiaomi #like4like

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5. Idrees Biryani- The list of Mughlai food in the city is incomplete without the mandatory mention of the Idrees Biryani. Iconic and hypnotic in every sense of the word. this is the very crown jewel of the regal taste that the city is identified with. Biryani that has its takers way before the outlet opens up in the old city area. The queue for it roars the taste it epitomizes.

6. Charminar- Lucknow’s own Charminar Restaurant, prominently located at the Novelty Chauraha, this un-ostentatious Mughlai outlet will pull you in with its fragrant aromas. The best eatery for gravy meats and a mutton stew to die for. Coupled with naan that is as light as pav, Charminar is all you need to satiate your savoury cravings.

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