Go “Mamma Mia!” with the best Italian in Lucknow- Dev Sharma 255

Italian Food

Italian food is the food ecstasy that many of us are addicted to. Get high on this cuisine with these restaurants in Lucknow

“Oh, give me more! Yeah, oh yessssss!”

Well, that’s exactly how you go when some delicious Italian food is served. The divine food ecstasy that avid continental food lovers talk of is there for real! All you have to do is discover the restaurants in Lucknow that serve his joy on crunchy crusts and loaded with aromatic herbs and cheese.

We have sorted that dilemma for you all, all thanks to Dev Sharma aka @Ghummakaddog. This connoisseur of taste and flavors has queued up it places in Lucknow to stop at for some subliminal Italian experience.

Just when you thought the staple of Italian food in Lucknow is limited to Pizza and Pasta, we have been introduced to a whole new realm of food varieties to explore and relish.

Each restaurant mentioned in this list has a litany of heart-warming and drool-worthy experience in-store. Embrace the delicious hug of food and feel the scenic Italian coasts and the balmy breeze cuddle your tastebuds.


“One of the oldest place in Lucknow to enjoy some authentic Italian Cuisines. Everything was amazing 😍”- Dev Sharma

The Hazelnut Factory

Tried this spaghetti from Hazelnut and this place never fails to amuse me. 😍” – Dev Sharma

L-14 Renaissance

“One of my favorite place to try varieties of Italian dishes. My personal favorite is their lasagna, and the aglio Olio Spaghetti” – Dev Sharma

Buttercup Bungalow

“Most beautiful bakery in Lucknow. I was amazed with their pizza 😍 thin crust veg Italian pizza was completely delicious in taste. A must try from this place”- Dev Sharma


“1936 restaurant in Lebua serves some droolworthy Italian food and this Ravioli Pasta from this has my heart” – Dev Sharma

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