Urdu Words That Make You A Pure Lucknowi 1908


One of the highlights of being a Lucknowi is the beautiful dialect. Unique, soft and alluring- Urdu

All those romantic lyrics from your favorite heart-warming songs. All those mesmerizing words that are nothing short of fascination. Exotic words that give your tongue a unique flavor of pure love, adoration, and erudition as you utter them.

Indeed, Urdu is that treasure trove of hypnotic words, phrases, and connotations that we simply cannot seem to have enough of. As much as Shayari and songwriters endeavor to dig put the most novel and appeasing terms, the more we seem to ask for. The more we attempt to exhaust the mine of endearing words, the more it replenishes.

āshnā ho kar taġhāful āshnā kyuuñ ho ga.e

bā-vafā the tum to āḳhir bevafā kyuuñ ho ga.e

Mehroom Ho Gye Jo Kabhi Tere Pyaar Se,To Phir Maang Lenge Tuje Parwardigar Se..

नक़्श-ए-उल्फ़त मिट गया तो दाग़-ए-उल्फ़त हैं बहुत

शुक्र कर ऐ दिल कि तेरे घर की दौलत घर में है

– जोश मलसियानी

ne.amat-e-ḳhuld thī bashar ke liye ḳhaak chāTī nazar guzar ke liye

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