Fashion Week ft. Digital- A New World Order 163


What is the future of fashion weeks in a Zero- Contact World? The global glamour landscape is up for a major transformation

In March 2020, London Men’s Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week were cancelled. Burberry, Hermes, Chanel, Armani, Ralph Lauren, Gucci and almost all major brands cancelled their shows in different parts of the world amidst the COVID-19 scare.

The end result- the industry lost millions in contracts, shows and sales! There is still no guarantee regarding the world opening again, the fashion industry is beginning to evolve itself to suit this new world of zero contact.

Runways at Home and Online Fashion Shows

Celebrated designers and top models are streaming their collection online. 40 of the world’s top models walked their corridors as part of “world’s first self-filmed fashion show.” The event called ‘Fashion Unite’ took place as Milan runway was closed down. 

The show surpassed the expectations of the organizers and taking a leaf out from their success London Fashion Week will be held online in June. Shanghai Fashion and New York Fashion Week are expected to announce the same soon.

Fashion Collaborates with Technology

The involvement of technology in the fashion world had so far been limited. But with fashion walks getting digitized, collaborations between tech companies and clothing brands will become common. E-commerce websites which have so far not found much business in couture fashion may soon enter as market platforms.

Smaller Fashion Weeks

The lockdown has dispelled the difference between big names and lesser known brands. Fashion capitals may no longer be the go-to-destinations they have always been since all brands will be available everywhere at all times.

Online streaming of the shows will allow people a more up, close and personal haute-couture experience than simply restricting it to buying.

What are the long term effects of going digital?

It’s difficult to say the long term effects digitization will have on the industry but the ride so far has been beneficial to all parties involved. Brands now have domestic and international audience, sales have gone up and so it might be safe to say that runways will soon be a thing of the past.

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