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Online Ddelivery

With eateries opening up in the city, the wait to taste your favorite meal is over. The number of food online delivery is on the rise and people are beginning to frequent shops to pick up delicious delicacies. Bakeries in the city have opened their doors for customers while several food outlets have begun home delivery from this week on.

In the midst of all this food fanfare, do not forget to take all necessary precautions when going out or receiving online delivery at home because it is not just health but also the driver who can be at risk.

Low Transmission Risk

Order cooked food as the threat of virus getting passed through cooked meal is effectively less. So far there has been no case of virus transmission through food. The bigger question is of transmission through delivery person.

All home online delivery companies have come up with mandatory guidelines to prevent contact. Delivery officials are checked every day for symptoms, the use of gloves and masks is compulsory and zero physical contact is maintained.  But as customers you need to follow rules too, to make sure that the parcels are hygienic and safe to use. 

Zero Contact Delivery

Once you receive your parcel, the very first thing is to sanitize it. Clean each packet/item with alcohol sanitizer or household bleach. This will help in mitigating the risk of getting infected. In case of parcels, leave it untouched for nine hours post sanitization.

In case of food online delivery, immediately transfer the food into fresh, clean utensils and throw away the plastic containers. Wash your hands for 20 seconds before opening the food packets to minimize any virus transmission. If you want to be extra sure, then heat the food once again before eating.

Do not fall for rumors and cross-check any information you get. Non-veg food does not cause or encourage corona infection. Order the city’s finest kebabs without any fear of COVID 19 as cooking meat will kill any existing microbes in the food.

Be careful and ensure that the food delivered to you has not been contaminated. Return the food, in case of a broken seal. Tip the driver and appreciate their efforts to deliver food at your doorstep even in these trying times. 

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