Tenet Trailer Out: What to Expect from the Film 184


Tenet- A Spy- Thriller with a time wrap! What more could you ask? Adrenaline pumping storyline that has you glued right till the end!

Christopher Nolan never disappoints and that is the reason why his next film is highly anticipated. Leave aside the fact that it has been four years since Nolan directed any project, this  film brings together Robert Pattinson, David Washington and Dimple Kapadia and it just dropped its trailer on YouTube.

Parts of the film were shot in Mumbai last year and since then the film has generated genuine curiosity around itself. The film is expected to hit the theatres in July but no confirmation has been given by the film unit so far.

Decoding The Trailer

Nolan described the film as the final culmination of Dunkirk. Tenet is a high – scale spy thriller with action taking place beyond real-time. You can see David Washington shooting a rock in the trailer where the bullets simply vanish before they reappear in the gun again. It is explained as time inversion by Robert Pattinson who plays a Russian aide in the film.

The fighting sequels show reversibility of time or pre-empting what is yet to happen. So it is safe to say that the espionage game will be played in different time dimensions, going back and forth throughout the film.  This weapon is called Tenant can bend time but does it allow time travel? The trailer leaves it open for your interpretation.

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There is definitely an Inception-like feeling to the story which has made fans hopeful of finally getting a clear cut answer that clears our doubts about the ending of the film. Was it a dream? Was it a reality? We might now know.

The India Connect

Parts of the film were shot at Colaba Causeway, Gateway of India and Grant Road. Dimple Kapadia may have blink-and-you-miss scene in the trailer; the fans expect her to have a substantial role in the film. Kapadia is shown wearing traditional Indian attire and helping Washington understand the ultimate mind bending question of future he has encountered. 

The film will release on IMAX and is shot on 35 and 70 mm. Tenet is expected to shock, stun and surprise us and we expect nothing else from the director and the film.

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