CoronaVirus Brings Scarves Back Into Fashion 835


The coronavirus pandemic has changed our fashion sensibility and our priorities in terms of clothing. The most important accessory is masks and Scarves!

Covering your face but in style is the need of the hour and what better way to do it than an array of designer scarves. Scarves have been around for a long time but now they’re not just getting our ensemble complete but also providing the much-needed protection.

Style Scarves Several Ways

Your scarves support all your styles, be it the BoHo-chic, office, or a simple face cover. Even prominent personalities like the Prime Minister are seen wearing an ethnic printed, cotton scarf on live television.

So the question arises, why would one choose a scarf over a mask? It’s easy, Scarf offers more layers of protection, it’s easier to make one depending upon the pattern, the color of your choice and can be used in several ways than a mask.

Silk Scarves > Masks

Silk scarves can be worn when going out in public. Silk prevents the germs from staying on the surface for too long as compared to other materials. It can be styled easily due to its soft material and they never go out of stock.

 Fabrics like chiffon and cotton can also be used if you’re unable to find silk scarves. In fact, cotton offers the best protection against the COVID-19 virus.

Scarves are DIY

The lockdown has made it difficult to go out and shop and that can hinder your plans for the scarf- shopping. But don’t worry, because they can easily be made at home using a pair of scissors and your favorite cloth. Cut it into a rectangle, sew the sides, and there it is- a homemade scarf! If you’re looking for scarves this summer season then visit and shop for the best quality silk scarves hand-made by some of the best craftsmen in India. Choose your favorite style and enjoy free worldwide delivery.

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