From Highest Rated App to Appeal For Ban: What Went Wrong With TikTok 2013


A PIL was filed against a small video platform TIKTOK asking for its ban in India. It was accused of inciting public sentiment and spreading fake news.

The National Commission for Women has also been vocal against the application.

Where did it all start?

In early May, a few ‘tiktokers’ got together to diss content creators on YouTube for their lack of originality and constant ridicule of the short video platform. They tagged prominent Indian YouTube stars in the video and this was not taken well by the ‘Youtubers’.

Carry Minati Roasts Amir Siddiqui

Carry Minati’s ‘YouTube Vs. TikTok’s video went viral and broke all records. It became the most viewed non-musical video, the fastest video to reach a million views, and Carry became the most liked Indian channel on YouTube.

His roast of Tiktok as a cringe content platform led to a storm on social media with people petitioning to have the app removed from the Play Store. YouTubers like Bhuvan Bam, Ashish Chanchalani, and Harsh Beniwal tweeted in support of the video.

Memes on tiktok and ‘tiktokers’ flooded the internet, but this was only the beginning.

YouTube Removes the Roast- All Hell Breaks Loose  

Whilethe roast was appreciated, Carry’s personal attacks on Amir Siddiqui did not resonate with a large section of the audience. The video was repeatedly reported and YouTube removed the video a few days later on complaints of harassment.

What started as a friendly feud now turned into a full-blown, all out war with the app getting dragged into the court.

Tweets, memes, stories, and posts everything became a weapon to attack the other party. Carry Minati had to come forward once again to explain his stand on the situation but that only added fuel to the fire.

Cringe or Illegal? TikTok Loses the Plot

The hullabaloo attracted the scrutiny of official authorities and the videos on Tiktok promoting female abuse, fake news, acid attacks, and child porn resurfaced. Faisal Siddiqui, an influencer himself had posted a video glorifying attack on women.

TikTok Gets Banned For Child Porn

Let’s not forget that this is not the first time Tiktok has been at the center stage for its questionable content. In 2019, Madras High Court banned the app for it ‘pornographic videos’.

This time too it’s the content that is in question. People are giving negative reviews and 1-star ratings and the appeal to ban the app is gaining momentum.

The anti- Tiktok fodder on YouTube is in an endless stream these days and Carry Minati who has become the face of this whole feud just released the trailer to his new video on Tiktok again!

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