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The fight against SARS COVID 19 is a long and tiresome ordeal. We all have our hopes pinned on a medical breakthrough but that could take some time.

World Health Organization predicts that it could take 10-11 months before any vaccine is developed. So our best bet is prevention- both physical and medical.

Traditional Herbal Medicines Have Proven Successful in Boosting Immunity

Indian Ayurveda has become a successful alternative to allopathic medication. Several natural herbs that are used on a day-to-day basis have been recognized for their anti-viral properties. In fact, China has proposed its use to fight Coronavirus as well.

How to Consume These Herbs?

The first step is to maintain a well-balanced diet and drink warm water. Ginger (adrakh) should form an important component of your food. Chew a few basils (tulsi) leaves or use them in cooking food. They boost energy and have anti-microbial properties.

Neem, Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera), Indian Gooseberry (Amla) also possess anti-viral properties. Since it’s difficult to eat them due to their bitter taste, the best way is to obtain a powdered version and mix it with water or other food items.

Vitamins from Nature

Seasonal citreous fruits are a major source of Vitamin C do not forget to include them in your daily food. Use fenugreek (methi), sprouted, or as a spice as Vitamin E source. Garlic and turmeric can also be used to improve immunity.   

Tweak Up Your Concoction of Tea 

Use cinnamon (daalchini), mint (pudina) and cardamom (elaichi) is your regular chai. Add a few cloves too if a bitter tea works for you, else simply chew one every day. They improve immunity but and help in digestion.

A hot brew of these herbs commonly called, ‘kadha’ is one of the most popular home remedies against common cold. It may not be the antidote to COVID 19 but can be used as a preventive medicine.

Do Not Overdo It

The herbs are effective and have no side-effects but excessive use can lead to unwanted results. Take small doses and avoid mixtures that aren’t advised.  Until a vaccine for the virus is found, stay at home and boost your immunity with these easily available herbal remedies.

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