Lockdown Aftermath- Sleep Disorder 225

sleep disorder

The lockdown hasn’t been kind to our sleeping pattern leading to a sleep disorder. And this is discomforting because nobody wants to turn up at the office door with puffy, sleepy eyes!

Lucknowites can breathe a sigh of relief; your city has been kept out of lockdown 5.0. Less number of active cases and 81% recovery rate in the district has propelled the city to open its busy lanes and business complexes for work again.

Disturbed sleeping patterns have psychological effects

Intermittent sleep or bouts of sleep at any godforsaken hour is the first symptom of sleep disorder. Anxiety could be the chief reason for sleep patterns to break down. Long hours of sleep do not guarantee rest to the mind. Anxiety can seep into your dreams and mess up your sleep.

“You could either have a problem with sleep onset — no amount of counting sheep is enough — or you could have a problem with sleep maintenance, the frequent fracturing of sleep.”

Has lockdown amplified the problem?

Staying home all day, hearing news about a pandemic that is taking away lives while there is nothing one can do is not a healthy psychological thought. Worry about job security and financial constraints due to lack of work has increased pre-existing sleeping conditions.

Staying awake beyond midnight, with eyes constantly on a screen is how half the population falls asleep and is the primary cause of General Sleeping Disorder (GAD).  Carefully cultivated routines have gone for a toss with a 44 % increase in insomnia cases, surveys are done by sleep solution based company suggest.

Overcoming GAD, is easy!

Do not go to bed stressed and avoid overthinking when in bed. Calm yourself before going to bed. Listen to your favorite music, do a bit of exercise and try to maintain a routine.  Sleep boosts immunity, enhances mood and heightens brain function.

Get 8-9 hours of sleep daily and you’re good to venture out again with a sound mind and well-rested body and avoid sleep disorder.

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