India Will Host Its First Digital Fashion Show 151


A teaser by the Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI) was uploaded on Instagram announcing the first digital fashion show of India. The teaser that is being seen as the official statement of the organization has garnered positive reactions from the people of the community. 

The pandemic and the proceeding shutdown had put a sudden stop on the Lotus India Fashion Week that was supposed to take place in March. Since then, the otherwise bustling Indian fashion scene has been rather silent.

Digitalization Can Help the Industry in More Ways Than One

Come September, all major runways in the country will commence their showcase of upcoming styles and trends. FDCI plans to hold the first digital show in July or early August and if all goes successfully; September could bring the industry back on track.

“The business of fashion must go on and the business of fashion designers must go on and hence the show must go on. You may call it a show, but for us, it is a way of life where we not only showcase a collection by means of a fashion week, we create a platform where domestic and international buyers place orders.”

Sunil Sethi

The fashion industry has been in a slump with international supply chains rupturing, shops closing down and sales tanking. Lombardy being the epicenter of COVID 19 outbreak in Italy worsened the condition.  Paris, Milan, New York and Shanghai- all major fashion centres are in quarantine.

Even in India, Mumbai and Delhi have been worst-hit by the virus outbreak and therefore, a digital fashion show is the best way to go.

FDCI would need to invest in technology to create the right platform that provides quality streaming and a user-friendly interface. Invitations for couture showcase have been sent out. To attract audiences, FDCI plans to include master classes on how to “dress and drape modern styles.

The aim is to get the momentum going, figure out the glitches, and resolve them before the ‘Autumn 2020’ Fashion show takes place in October.      

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