Simple Relaxation Techniques To Sleep Better 1416


A good night’s sleep is therapeutic, its divine fodder to mind, body, and a really tired soul. You could be encountering difficulty in sleeping, restlessly lying in bed, changing postures but to no avail.

Here are a few simple and easy tips to get you to sleep peacefully.

Exercise A little

Start by breathing exercises, it eases the tension in your body and relaxes your neck, shoulders, and arm. Let your body loose and lay straight on the bed. Keep your mind clear, do not focus on any thought, and if your mind wanders redirect it back to the exercise.

Say No to Technology

This would take your 100% effort. Our modern lifestyle makes it difficult for us to live without any electronic equipment but distance could help you in getting a good night’s sleep.

Stop using your mobile phone or any other equipment at least half an hour before you go to bed and pick up your phone at least half an hour after you wake up.

A Bedtime Story

Bedtime stories are probably the oldest relaxation technique that there is to calm a restless mind. Read entertaining, soothing stories that relieve the tension. Do not dive into problematic content that’ll keep you awake thinking the rest of the night.

Lights, Candles, and Reaction

Dim lights, soothing colors can go a long way in creating a positive mood and help in inducing sleep. Scented candles, essential oils, or a relaxing bath are effective tools too.    

Guided Imagery

Switch off the light and get yourself in a cozy, comfortable position. Visualize a scene that evokes a happy memory. Focus on the scene, details, and let go of your other thoughts. Turn your mind’s eye back to the relaxing story. Each time you do it, the practice will make you better.

These techniques are simple, with no fanfare, and really easy to follow. Do them regularly for the best results.

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