Second Wave Of Ebola Virus Begins In Africa 131


Virus outbreaks just don’t seem to end. Countries are finally recovering from coronavirus outbreak and while life is returning back on track in many places another more dangerous, much more volatile Ebola has returned and claimed four lives. 

Africa had reported in the lowest number of coronavirus cases but the situation overturned yesterday when The Democratic of Congo confirmed that what they initially thought was coronavirus infection is actually the second wave of Ebola pandemic

The deteriorating political stability in the country has made it difficult to launch a wide-scale prevention program which will only worsen the situation. The Alliance For International Medical Action (AIMA) has reported that the failure to launch initial containment policies will lead to a spike of cases in the upcoming days. 

“The increase in cases is due in large part to reduced accessibility to communities and to a deteriorating security situation in the region, particularly in the city of Beni, which has suffered a number of attacks in the past three weeks.”

Ebola symptoms become visible after 8 days (fever, vomiting, etc.) and early treatment is the only way to save lives. The city of Beni is approximately 600 miles from the ongoing outbreak of Ebola. 

The highly contagious hemorrhagic fever, named after the Ebola river, is thought to have originated in bats. It is spread via bodily fluids and has a fatality rate of more than 60 percent. Human contact with dead bats or non-human primate is recognized as the chief reason for the infection.

The first outbreak occurred in 1976 in South Sudan and DRC but the worst outbreak occurred in 2018 which spread from Liberia on the west coast to Uganda.  Ebola spread has been restricted by several experimental drugs including one FDA-approved rVSV-ZEBOV vaccine which was developed in December 2019

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