SpaceX Gets Astronauts To Space 147


With 2020 turning out to be an apocalyptic understatement, taking off to space seems like a good option with the SpaceX program

SpaceX and NASA successfully launched 2 astronauts into orbital space from the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida. After the first failed attempt, the takeoff was postponed for later to make sure it was a smooth operation this time around. 

 Astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley are the first to travel in space capsules the ‘Crew Dragon Capsule’ attached to aircraft Falcon 9. The astronauts have safely docked themselves on Atlantis space station and joined the space crew there.

Hurley and Behnken will stay on the ISS for anywhere between one to four months doing science experiments and helping in the upkeep of the station.  Once NASA deems it is a good time to return, the astronauts will then begin their journey back home. They will strap in and undock from the ISS.

Before it re-enters the Earth’s atmosphere, the Crew Dragon will lose its trunk. This, like the second stage, will not be returning to Earth. To prevent a crash landing, four Mark 3 parachutes will be deployed to slow down the freefalling Dragon capsule. 

The Dragon capsule was previously used as a cargo supplier by NASA. This is the first time any space agency has sent its astronauts to space in a capsule. The operation officially named ‘Demo 2’ is the final launch test for SpaceX’s human space flight program to get NASA certification for operational crew missions. 

It was the first launch of astronauts from NASA since the retirement of shuttles in 2011. NASA has paid Russian Space Program to send off its astronauts into space. Now, NASA has found a profitable alternative in SpaceX and encouraged other commercial holdings for joint collaboration. 

New Era In Space Travel

The joint venture success has paved the way for commercial private companies to enter the business of space technology. SpaceX is owned by Elon Musk who has been vocal about his dream to colonize Mars had previously sent a robot and a car to space.  

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