More Elephant Died After Eating Firecrackers-Probe Reveals 2925


A pregnant elephant is given a pineapple stuffed with firecrackers.

The hungry elephant had wandered into a village bordering the forest and was starving. The firecrackers exploded in her mouth and her entire jaw started to bleed. The now, injured and in pain, pregnant elephant enters the Velliyar river clearly looking for relief but dies standing in the water due to her injuries and blood loss. 

The incident sparked a huge public outcry on the social media that woke the sleeping authorities to take some action. The elephant ha wandered off from Silent Valley National Park and ventured into the populated area of Palakkad district. The officials were informed almost 24 hours before the death of the elephant died before any help could reach it. 

This is not an isolated incident, there have been many before 

This is not the first elephant to die in the area with jaw injuries. The Forest Officers claim that another elephant with similar injuries had succumbed a few weeks ago. The elephant could also have ingested firecrackers stuffed in fruits. 

The locals in the area often use explosives to ward off animals from their fields. The practice has widely been condemned and locals are persuaded to adopt alternative methods that do not kill or injure the animals. 

Killed for their Ivory

Poaching is one of the most severe crimes haunting the forests of Kerala. Approximately 100 elephants have been killed in South India in the last two years alone. The intentional act of killing by feeding it poisonous or hazardous substances is a punishable offense under the Wildlife Protection Act with Rs. 27,000 as fine or 7 years in jail or both.    

An FIR has been lodged and forest officials have taken one person suspected of the crime onto custody.

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