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Lucknow is the city of nawabs. Its magnificence and architectural grandeur attract thousands of tourists every year. But there are plenty more getaways around the historical city.

While the imambaras, Rumi Darwaza, and other great marvels symbolize the golden age of Awadh, there are a few surprisingly unknown, not so popular tourist locations in and around the city that would be perfect getaway spots for a few hours of peace. 


Shravasti is one of the oldest surviving cities of North India. The city lies on the banks of the Rapti river and also finds mention in Buddhist literature.  The landscape is dotted with age-old stupas, monasteries, and structural remains of the ancient city.

You can also see the hut where Gautam Buddha lived.  The city is easily accessible by road and rail. The city is a delight for history enthusiasts. You can also travel to Suhaildev Wildlife Sanctuary for some nature adventure.  


Bithoor is a name we are all familiar with. An important center of the Indian Independence Movement Bithoor lies in Kanpur District along River Ganga.

You can begin with a tour of the museum on national history, Tantia Tope and Nana Sahib’s residence, and then move on to leisurely activities like boating. Since fishing and other commercial activities are banned in Bithoor, the clean river water abounds with fishes and other exotic aquatic animals.     


Also called Neemsar, it is located in Sitapur district on the banks of Gomati some 94 km. away from Lucknow. The temple complex holds great mythological and religious significance for devotees. The temple complex is surrounded by a patch of jungle with some trees there being thousands of years old. The town is also historically relevant; the great Hindi poet Surdas resided here. 

Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary

Easily accessible by road, the bird sanctuary is located on the Lucknow- Unnao highway. The sanctuary has 250 recorded species of migratory birds mostly from Central Asia. The sanctuary has watchtowers for better views and spots of the birds. A deer park has been constructed near the park. You can spend a comfortable weekend inside the sanctuary exploring nature’s best. 

Step out of your house and take a trip to these quiet, laid back towns away from the bustle of the city. Refresh your mind and body and rejuvenate yourself by taking a break every now and then. 

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