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If you’re planning a trip to Lucknow and want to get 100% genuine Lucknawi experience then here is all you need to do when in the city. 

As a traveler, the most authentic experience of visiting a place comes from by becoming a local. You do not simply sightsee but try to fit into the shoes of the locals.

Breakfast: A typical North Indian breakfast includes greasy food and a cup of chai. You can try out Bajpai Kachodi at Hazratganj or Rati Kachodi at Naka Hindola for a hot plate of kachodi- aloo early in the morning.

 Situated between the two food shops, is the most famous tea shop in the city- Sharma Ki Chai is also a heritage landmark and while sipping your hot cup of tea indulge in a freshly made bun makhan. 


The next step would be familiarizing yourself with the Islamic and British history of the city. Imambaras, Rumi Darwaza, Picture Gallery, Clock Tower are some of the most visited monuments of the old city. 

Nearby is the Residency, the centre of 1857 Battle for Independence. A wonderful light and sound show at Residency is definitely worth your time. 

While in the old area of Chowk, indulge in exotic Lucknawi chikankari . The artistic weaving is a specialty and you will not find any other city offering you the delight of chikankari. Try out the city’s famous Tundey Kebabs and Biryani at Idris. 

Evenings are best spent taking a stroll of picturesque Hazratganj and eat at the famous Royal Café. You can also visit Gomati Riverfront and Marine Drive for some quite time. Janeshwar Mishra Park nearby, is Asia’s largest park, head to the park for some outdoor activity and entertainment. 

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End a really fruitful day with a hot steaming cup of Kashmiri chai. The tea unlike any other is pink in color and tastes sweet.  Become a true Lucknawi for a day and enjoy everything Lucknow has to offer!

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