DIY Channels You Should Follow Right Away 1826


Do you feel more in control and prefer doing things with your own hands than relegating it to others? Is experimenting with household, mundane objects your passionate project? Do you believe in ‘best out of waste’ philosophy?

If yes, then you are a ‘do-it-yourselfer’. 

DIY videos and content is in no shortage on the internet but what is worth your time and what is not can take time to understand. Several DIY videos have been busted for being fake and absolutely useless. So, if you are trotting the DIY road, here are some channels and websites you must absolutely follow.  

  1. Home Renovations

If you’re looking to change the look and the feel of your house and you don’t want outsiders in your space, then you can look up mrkate for inspiration. The interior designer gives the tips on how to colour and use space efficiently. 

Apartment Therapy is another great channel for trending DIY techniques.

If you’re on a budget, then Home HashTag Life by Jaya should be your go-to video.

  1. If you’re into hardcore DIY, combining technology and hardware to make new items, then Make is the channel for you. A dedicated team researches and then undertakes these projects. There innovations are unlike any other DIY, they’re big, better and badass. 

Wrench too, combines technology with the creativity of DIY. 

  1. Remember Rob from your childhood? The famous artist from Pogo has his own channel on YouTube where you can learn to create amazing stuff with easy tricks. Mad stuff with Rob has a dedicated following across India and produces content in Hindi and English both.
  1. There is no doubt that Instagram is the best place to find videos. @5.min.crafts is one of the most authentic DIY accounts

 Crafting inspiration can also be found at @thediyday.  


  1. Life hack accounts you need to follow A.S.A.P!



Life hacks make your life easier and efficient and bring out the crazy creator in you. Start your DIY journey to learn, innovate, and inspire.

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