Stay Mentally Fit And Overcome Depression 2532


The first step in fighting over depression is to do away with the taboo around it. It can HAPPEN TO ANYONE, ANYWHERE and ANYTIME. Depression does not discriminate.

Mental Health patients offer to suffer in silence. The stigma attached to mental health may gradually be fading away but the ground reality seems to be completely different.

Around 200 million people in India suffer from mental health issues. Indian youth is the most depressed in the world. We have the highest number of student suicide rates in the world. So what are we doing for our mental health? 

Depression- Can it be Avoided? 

It is not difficult to figure out that your mental health is not perfect. Depression is the most common mental health issue in India. The earliest symptom of depression is the loss of interest. The visible, physical symptoms come much later. 

Do Not Hold in Emotions

The best advice for a healthy mind is sharing. Talk to people, share your problems, and do not let anxiety take over.  

Take a Break Every Now and Then

Overburdening yourself will push you to exhaustion. Taking on more than what you can do might make you feel lacking. Negativity about your competence or that you’re unable to do any work hampers confidence and leads to a downward spiral. Take on work at your own pace. 

Relax, refresh and recharge words on office table with computer, coffee, notepad, smartphone and digital tablet

Step away from the chaotic world every now and then and detox your mind. Pursue a hobby, catch up with your old friends, and indulge yourself. The aim here should be to make yourself happy. 

Eat Well, Sleep Better

Cognitive capabilities are closely related to physical health. It prevents stress and improves self-esteem.

Timely, uninterrupted sleep is paramount for good health. Stick to a healthy sleep pattern. 6-8 hours of sleep is optimum. If you wake up lethargic or feel tired then take it as a warning sign. Your brain is unable to relax and it’s reflecting on your body. 

Depression can be prevented if one leads an adequate life. Do not allow negative emotions,stress and anxiety to fester and get immediately. 

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