Pride Month In India: Everything You Need To Know 1822

june is pride month

June 2020 is here and it’s time to rejoice and celebrate love and freedom to love

Every year, the LGBTQ community celebrates pride month in a number of different ways. Pride parades, dance, music and celebration of life and liberty are the cornerstone of this pride month.

More than freedom to choose, pride month honors the contribution of LGBTQ community in the society. It brings awareness and sensitizes them to the plight of the community and its people.


Stonewall was a popular gay bar in New York City. Very few establishments welcomed gays, thus Stonewall was a symbolic resistance space. Police raids in the Stonewall Inn sparked violent riots in the city where the people fought back.

It was a turning point in the history of gay rights movement.

The pride month marks this social shift in the understanding of the larger LGBTQ community and the beginning of the end of their public ostracizing.

The New York Pride Parade is the largest pride parade in the world. India too hosts several remarkable events during this month.

Pride In India

Homosexuality was a criminal offense until 2018. After a long and arduous legal battle the Supreme Court invalidated Section 377 and made homosexuality legal in India.

The civil rights groups have been fighting a long and hard battle for making India an inclusive society for all genders.

 Pride Month 2020

Staying indoors, this year’s pride month celebrations are quirky yet entertaining. India’s Pride Circle has launched 21DaysAllyChallenge online. Each day, the participants will undertake small challenges with the idea that it takes 21 days to develop a habit.

The aim here is to remove stigma attached to the LGBTQ community and bring allies of the community on one platform. While local pride parades have been cancelled, several organizers have chosen digital platforms to connect people from different corners of the world.

Celebrate the pride month, show your support and do not let the lockdown dampen your spirits!

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