Bulbbul: A Feminist Ghost With A Noble Agenda 209

bulbbul as the witch in the netflix show

A young girl finds freedom and expression in the most uncharacteristic fashion. She becomes the judge, jury and the executioner to all who have wronged her.  

Bulbbul on Netflix should be your next watch.

Set in 19th century Bengal, a young barely adolescent Tripti Dimri who plays Bulbbul is married off to an older zamindar Indraneil played by Rahul Bose.

Decked up as a young bride, Bulbbul enters the palatial mansion which is now her home as a meek and subdued young bride. She is violated not just by her husband but also by his younger brother Mahendra.

The film takes a leap and 20 years later Satya, the youngest brother returns to India. He is educated in London, is a man of logic and critical analysis.

“Bulbbul is horror personification of a woman scorned.”

The village is talking about a chudail who hunts men at night. She has two webbed feet and feeds on blood. Satya meets Bulbbul who is now a beautiful lady and love blossoms between the two.

The film plays wonderfully with flashbacks and present

 Bulbbul’s transformation is not simply the work of time but also the cruel outcome of how she survived in her new home.  While the emotional journey plays out in the forefront, the spooky presence of the chudail works its way in the background.

Setting and cinematography

The mysterious, eerie palace, dim lights and resonating voices first-time director Anvita Dutt does not shy away from using these classical horror tropes in the film. The picturesque 19th century Bengal with drawn carriages and gradually percolating English culture sets a vibrant tone of the film.

Produced by Anushka Sharma, Bulbbul takes after Pari

This is a tale of female oppression and freedom with a tinge of horror. Bulbbul and Binodini the widow are caged in the palace, abused by men, and Satya who is shown in a savior-like image only adds to the abuse. His education does not break his illusion of patriarchy. Women themselves become the means of their freedom.

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