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Fried Chicken Burger

Food Love: Happy New Year Foodies!! The new year is already here but it isn’t the only thing that’s new. With the ever-changing taste of the youth and the sudden arrival of so many epic new cafes in town, we’ve found ourselves spoilt for choice. It wasn’t an easy feat , but we have finally managed to compile a list of best new cafes to hangout to. Here are our top picks :

1) Time For Food Bistro

The wait for good Pan-Asian food is now over for all lucknowites . Making authentic Pan-asian food is not easy and someway most of us are not ready to experiment with the authentic flavors of asian food like Tempura, pork belly, beef but we generally prefer a mix of indianchinese masala flavours on our palate.So to fulfill our cravings, the pan asian cuisine has undergone a quick twist keeping intact all the nutrition and health benefits. This newbie cafe in town is offering a lot more to fulfill our palettes.So let’s start with some of their mouth watering delicacies

Interior View
  1. Wokbox
    A quick mixture of exotic veggies including bok choy, broccoli, red, yellow and green peppers, carrots, sprouts, all stir-fried with Korean rice and added with Chicken/ Paneer and mixed in black bean sauce to satisfy both veggies and non-veggies. it’s and their wok boxes are a must try. Also available on Zomato so you can enjoy your wok box at your home.
  2. Burgers
    When you can’t take your eyes off the plate and all you want to do is to gobble up this gorgeous thing and make a mess of yourself.
Fried Chicken Burger

Well, it’s a saying that if a burger is not crunchy and messy then it’s not a burger. So we had a chance to have a bite of their signature burgers. The most amazing part is that they do not use any frozen items and everything is made in-house. The sauces and even the burger patty which makes the whole meal fresh and scrumptious.
We had Crumb Fried Chicken Burger – it had a really crispy chicken patty which was in-house so it had a perfect freshness of Chicken with their in-house mayo. For veggies there is Mushroom and Cheeseburger. Best burgers I have had in town till now!

3. ‘You Scream, I Scream and We all Scream for Ice-Creams”

Do you know how many licks it takes to finish this gorgeous hand-churned scoop??? A perfect treat for any season, and made in various flavors. So now you are not bound to just chocolate, vanilla or strawberry. There’s more to it to make your palate happy. This newbie is excelling in making hand-churned ice creams in various flavors like Paan, sitaphal, cheeku, Rose Gulkand, Berry Love. We had this Paan flavoured ice cream and this is the best paan flavoured that we have had till now. Still drooling with the thought of this. So guys what are you waiting for? Go and try this new Pan Asian cafe in Aliganj and try their in house specialities.


Restaurant Name: Time for Food Bistro
Location and format: Takeaway/ Home Delivery /Indoor Seating located at B5, Sector – F, Aliganj, Near Kapoorthala Junction
Cuisine: Pan-Asian, Indo-Chinese, Ice cream , Fast Food
Must try: Wokbox , Crumb Fried Chicken Burger, Paan Ice-Cream.
Deals: Any offers that the place is giving maybe through voucher or party orders etc
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Instagram handle :
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2) Packing Shacking

Looking for a variety of flavors on your plate in economical prices? Then head to this newbie cafe in town that has just turned from a takeaway into a beautifully structured and designed restaurant – PackingShacking.
Earlier it was a vegetarian place but it has introduced a lot of non-veg delicacies to soothe our palates. Among these delicacies these are two platters – one of Veg and Non-Veg Momos and other is of different varieties of Tandoori Chaaps. The veg Momos have a filling of corn, carrot and cabbage while the chicken Momos had a good amount of chicken in it. It’s worth trying as these lip-smacking and finger-licking Tandoori Momos would leave you urging for more.

On the other hand this Chaap platter consists of tandoori, Afghani, Malai chaaps, all of them are char grilled to perfection.The amazing part is that these platters are being served at very economical rates from Rs 299 – 325.

Honey Chilli Potatoes

This is not just it, ever tried a Choco Chip Paratha or Butter Chicken Paratha or Different flavored Cheese Parathas? .Well, who doesn’t love a Paratha right? Especially in winters. Parathas have a symbolic place in our hearts. But now, its not just about Aloo, Paneer, Onion or Gobi parathas. This new wonderful place is serving different and creative parathas .So those who love Desserts and Parathas you should try a mix of this Chocochip Paratha to satisfy your sweet and savoury cravings at the same time. Full of Crispiness and chocolicious??

Another favourite is Chicken Paratha. Shredded Chicken pieces stuffed in Paratha that will make you urge for more and more.

So give this cafe a try guys. Not too expensive and a calm, soothing, simple ambience for families. Visit this and try their creative menu. I am sure you all will simply love it!!

Restaurant Name: Packing Shacking
Location and format: Home Delivery / Indoor Seating located at 2/81, Viram Khand 2, Opposite SBI Gomtinagar, Lucknow.
Cuisine: Chinese, Fast Food, North Indian, BBQ
Must try: Tandoori Momos and Chaaps , Choco Chip Paratha or Butter Chicken Paratha
Deals: Any offers that the place is giving maybe through a voucher or party orders etc
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3) 199 Not Out

Are you someone who has a craving for great food without breaking a bank. Catering to everyone’s hunger, it will also suit your pocket especially the next Gen young crowd. They have Chinese, South Indian and also street food for your ever-hungry taste buds. You can enjoy unlimited mouth-watering dishesin this cafe like different types of Chowmein, manchurian and paneer chilly, fried rice, soup, Chole-Kulche, idli, sambhar vada, pav bhaji, etc. All these yummies under one roof.
They are also eco-friendly and are careful about not wasting food. To implement it, they measure your food before giving it out and if you waste more than 100 Gms then you’re done for the day. In case it’s less than 100 gms, you get a discount voucher to be redeemed on your next visit. Do give this it a go guys and I promise you won’t regret it.

Restaurant Name: Packing Shacking
Location and format: Home Delivery / Indoor Seating located at House no.11, Sector K Aashiyana, LDA Colony, near power house chauraha,Kanpur Road
Cuisine: Chinese, South-Indian and Indian street food.
Must try: Sambhar which has a Karnataka flavor with a little sweet touch to it.
Deals: Any offers that the place is giving maybe through voucher or party orders etc
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