Your Social Media Engagement Makes Businesses Happy For Three Reasons 2008

Social media is all about engaging with people on the internet. And making connections that make us happy and excited in a way. However, in reality it makes social media website owning companies and general business companies happier.

You are surrounded by social media in your daily life.  

Right from the time you open your eyes in the morning, you begin checking your messages on Whatsapp. And your favourite social platforms and this keeps going on for the whole day. Your social engagement makes you smile, laugh and makes you feel other emotions.

Your life is being impacted by social media deeply. You keep hearing about social media and social engagement impact online and on media outlets whenever any celebrity posts something controversial.

Best thing is that the more social engagement and followers you get, besides you, all kinds of businesses start smiling broadly for three reasons.

The three Reasons are:

1. Ready-made business Platform

Once there are a number of users of a social website. Then the owner of that popular platform starts counting rupees and dollars. After all, the owner of that company can now show those social engagement numbers, follower and user count to businesses.

Sales and marketing heads of businesses start calculating and thinking about potential customers they can reach out through that popular social platform. They feel satisfied and deploy their digital ads on this readymade business platform.

2. Data Treasure

Your social engagement is accurate data that is invaluable for companies. This digital data is a treasure for social companies. You no longer remain a human, but a byte of valuable digital data that tells almost everything about you.

They can target business products for you easily and you buy them willingly. You were just being social, but you ended up becoming a target for an unlimited number of business messages that become irritating at times.

3. Profit Without Borders

A social website owning company that can show good social engagement on its digital platform to everyone is a happy company. After all, its users are not limited to its own city or country. They are spread out everywhere in every country. This means getting business advertising profit from beyond borders too.

Of course, you are happy creating and sharing things online with your friends and building the social media universe with your social engagement. But, remember, they are making the business happier at your expense.

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