Weather Condition Affects Crime Rate – Study Suggests 744

According to the report, when the temperature rises so does the crime rate. A study in South Africa has found that there is a strong association between temperature and criminal activity.

Since decades now researchers have been researching any correlation between weather and different types of crime without any results.

However, a study conducted in 2018 in the City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality in Gauteng Province, South Africa revealed interesting results that indicated a strong relationship between criminal activities and the climate of the City.

Climate, Crime & Data

The researchers used data and statistical analysis to find the relation between weather and crime. They obtained climate data for the city from the South African Weather Service for a 5-year period from September 2001 to the end of August 2006. 

Then, they got crime data for the same period from the South African Police Service Department of  Crime and Information Analysis Centre. They got geographical location of each crime; date and time of day each crime was committed; and the specific type of crime committed that was categorized as violent, sexual or property crime. 

Weather Crime & Pattern

The researchers also did a pattern test to understand. Whether crime distribution is separate on three types of days. Like very hot, very cold and rainy and if there was any change.

Their findings on weather and its relation to crime demonstrated that the rate of violent, sexual and property crime in the city of Tshwane is significantly affected by temperature and sometimes even rainfall. The crime rate was higher on hot days compared to cold or random temperature days. 

Data Findings 

The researchers found that violent crimes increased by 50% on high-temperature days. As compared to days which had a very low temperature. It was also noticed that sexual crimes increased by 41% and property crime by 12%. Violent and sexual crimes in Tshwane, however, decreased on high-rainfall days.

This study was about just one city in one country. Although if such studies are conducted in many more cities and countries, then important data can be revealed. This data can then go on to help investigation agencies to control crime more efficiently. 

Do comment below whether you think that weather-related crime may be happening in your city too.

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