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You’ve probably heard of yoga clubs, laughter clubs, carrom clubs and cricket clubs. Now let us introduce you to crying clubs. These clubs have now become part of the modern lifestyle culture in Japan, especially Tokyo.

What happens in these crying clubs are rui-katsu sessions. The Japanese term ‘Rui-Katsu’ means tear-seeking. So men and women gather together in these crying clubs to basically get a cathartic release from repressed emotions.

Emotional Tide

When emotions run high inside us, then either we let them remain inside or we get emotional. “You are getting emotional” — this is what most of us hear from people around us, when they see tears in our eyes, don’t we?

But experts do say that crying is beneficial for health. And Tokyo’s crying clubs are offering a needed outlet for release of pent-up emotions. When people watch tear-jerking videos and listen to sad songs together in such crying clubs, then they sob together.

First Crying Club

The first crying club was organized in Tokyo in 2013 by businessman Hiroki Terai. He started it with the objective of providing a non-judgmental place where people could release their emotions in tears and feel happier after the experience. This helped many people who were unable to express emotions fully.

Businessman Hiroki got this idea of creating crying clubs after he had successfully conducted non-legal divorce ceremonies where his clients shed tears. What he found was that after crying the man and wife would leave satisfied and on better terms with each other. Since then, he decided to organize Rui-katsu events.

Crying Therapy

Crying is the first sound a human makes. When we cry and have tears in eyes, it is because we are filled with the emotion of either sadness, frustration, anger, relief or hapiness.

In Tokyo’s crying clubs, men and women cry together as they can’t cry at work or cry at home due to social pressure. So these Rui-katsu sessions help Japanese people to attain a sense of well being as they get a chance to offload their depressed emotional baggage.

Do comment below whether you think crying sounds weak or beneficial in any way.

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