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If you plan to be an adventure biker, then here are some important accessories you should keep in mind before you start your bike journey

For the young generation, speed and bike go hand-in-hand. Most young men desire to have a great bike that fills them with excitement and brings a smile to their lips. As soon as a new bike is launched in the market, they rush to the showroom to check it out and take a test drive.

If you are one of those young men who cannot resist the charms and attraction of a good bike and would love to go on a long journey on your chosen bike, then here are some important points for you.

The Art of Balance

Riding a good bike properly is all about keeping a mental balance. You need to be in harmony with yourself, your bike and the road in front of you. Establishing good balance is the point that gives you a smooth ride whether you are riding in the city, a highway or on the hills.

As an adventure biker, you can face a number of challenges too. Conditions of the road, traffic jams, rough driving by other riders, animals on the road and vehicle-thieves — they are all there to bring to a halt any bike adventure ride you may have been planning.

So, how do you strike a balance and indulge in your passion for being an adventure biker? You have to start paying attention to accessories that are meant to keep you safe and sound during your bike journey.

Bike Accessories For a Happy Journey

1. Good Helmet

You already know how important is the role of a helmet for a bike rider. A good, branded helmet not only keeps your head safe during an unfortunate event but also gives you peace of mind. You can either choose a half-face helmet, a full face one or a modular helmet. When you have a flip-up visor in the helmet then it protects your eyes from dust particles and even insects.

2. Good leg guards

It is important to have leg guards on your bike. Whether you are traveling out of the city alone or with friends for an adventure drive, or you are simply riding around in your city, you need to have leg guards on your bike. They protect your legs in case of any unfortunate event.

3. Good gloves

If you like riding your bike, then you don’t just travel around in your city only, you go for long drives also to places outside your city. Here you should have good gloves as a necessary bike accessory. Good leather gloves will feel comfortable on your skin, give you a good grip and keep your palms safe. So buy good quality driving gloves and happily go on a long ride.

4. Good riding boots

When you are going to drive a bike, then you will naturally change gears too. So, if you go on a long drive then you need to ensure that your feet remain as comfortable and secure as possible. Even though you may not change gears that much while driving on a highway, yet good riding boots do increase the joy of driving a good bike.

5. Proper rain suit

When you are driving in the monsoon season and raindrops are falling all around you, then it is an altogether different kind of experience. It can lift up your spirits provided that you can remain dry and your clothes and other essentials too remain dry during the rain ride. To ensure that you remain in a happy mood, you need to have good rain gear and a rain suit.

6. Good bags

As soon as you plan for a long adventure ride on your bike with your friends, you need to start thinking about having good bags. You will need a shoulder bag for yourself and saddlebags for your bike. These all-season bags will ensure that your valuables remain safe and secure inside.

7. Protective guards and bike lock

Whenever you start planning for a long adventure bike ride, then you need to start planning to buy protective guards. These guards will include arm guards and knee guards that will keep you safe in the event of any unfortunate incident. Plus, you cannot leave the security of your precious bike on your bike handle lock only. You need to buy an extra wire lock that you can use to lock your bike tyres too.

8. First Aid Kit

Another essential element in your adventure bike ride package is a first-aid kit that will give you quick and immediate relief during an emergency. This kit should have all the necessary supplies like antibiotics, cotton gauze, spirit, and other wound management items. The best thing is that medical companies are already making such economical travel-ready first aid kits easily available by online order and delivery.

9. Mobile-holder on handle

While riding a bike, we should keep track of the route we are traveling on. The map in our mobile helps us navigate the proper route and reach our destination with the least hassles. You need to keep this mobile in front as you are driving and a good mobile holder on your bike’s handle is a good solution. This way you can keep watching the road and the map at the same time.

10. Rider walkie talkies

If you have never thought of having a Bluetooth-enabled walkie-talkie helmet headset communicator for use with your pillion rider or your other bike-riding friends traveling with you, then you need to think again. This is an important bike accessory that you should have if you are traveling with a single friend or multiple biker friends. Such walkie-talkies are easily available in the market and take care of your communication needs while you are driving your bike.

Once you have all these bike accessories in hand, then you are sure to have a really enjoyable and memorable adventure ride.

Riding Community Group

One exciting news is that there is already a passionate adventure bike riding group of Hero Xtreme 200R bike riders called ‘Hero Hounds’. You too can join this group and get introduced to a great community of like-minded enthusiastic adventure bike riders. You can like them on Facebook & Instagram.

Go ahead, make friends with other passionate bikers who think like you and have the same attitude and love for bike travel that you have.


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