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After All This Time, Harry Potter Wizards Unite is here to cast a Spell

It has not been long the summer of 2016 when Pokemon Go was launched by Niantic. And it created a gaming frenzy across all ages. People of all ages came out in the streets, eyes glued to their phone screens, on an insane hunt for Pokemon.

History seems hell bent to repeat itself with the imminent launch of yet another nostalgically overwhelming augmented reality game. This time, the digital doors are opening up a bewitching world of spells, wands, potions, beasts and the like. Oh yes, Harry Potter it is. The ‘Harry Potter-Wizards Unite’, Niantic game has already created ripples of excitement. And also with its soft launch in New Zealand and Australia it created excitement. Although running on a beta version, the game is as hypnotic as it could be.

Based completely on the framework of Pokemon Go, Harry Potter has you swirling the wand and defeating beasts. Instead of twirling and tossing Pokeballs. The landscape is all set to impart a sense of much endearing familiarity. Along with an ambiance revamps to resonate with the theme of the game.

Present Scenario

In the present day, the game is focused on an impending calamity that could potentially eradicate the wizarding world. Abiding by the International Statue of Secrecy, the law that keeps the magical world under wraps has digitally recruited you to a task force, dedicated to protecting the secrecy that is on the verge of collapse. Wizards Unite has you heading out and finding traces of magic and containing them. An array of thrilling ordeals like the Nimbus trapped in ice and the Hippogriff, Buckbeak in chains requires you to trace a glyph on the screen and cast the designated spell.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, Wizards Unite houses a lot more than its predecessor, Pokemon Go. You can brew potions with the ingredients that you discover along the way, based upon the location, weather, time of the day and even the lunar phase. In fact, the list of activities that the multi-layered game boasts off, is sure to have you jumping with excitement.

Pre-registeration is now available for Android users through Google Play.

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