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Peep into the Future of Mixed Reality with the Microsoft Hololens 2

Gawking wide-eyed at Tony Stark do digital wonders with his over the top technology is no more a flight of fancy. The giant leaps that the tech titans have taken in the last decade or so has made us feel more like a superhero each day. Intuitive automation, hyper-perceptive artificial intelligence and bending the established tangents of reality has raised the technological innovations bar at a new high.

The latest game changer in this playpen is the much anticipated and radically advanced Hololens 2 by Microsoft. One device that dabbles in multiple spheres to revolutionize the way in which we perceive the world. It’s the groundbreaking tech filter that manipulates and refutes every precedent of reality that we have been conditioned to adhere to elevating you to a new high.

First up, the specs and works of Microsoft Hololens 2 are a marvel that is going to make your jaw hit the floor. So, let us gear up for a brief purview of the realities that we are dealing with.

Reality Check

When we start talking about the oracular domain in which the Hololens works, it is primarily an ultra-progressive amalgamation of the three realities encapsulating us all. Or let’s just say, it teleports you back into the visuals that Tony Stark is seen working at, in all his flicks. Stacking it all up, the augmented reality with virtual reality, we have a mind-boggling offspring, the mixed reality.

Fickle as one might call it, the digital realities that we are dealing with bring you to a hypnotic experience that changes the perception of presence and physicality of the world. It is like placing you where you aren’t and bringing you a vision of things, places and what not, that isn’t tangibly present. Merging the clear cut boundaries of physical and the non-physical, the evolution of everything that we know is now stands at the very threshold of holistic transformation.

Virtual Reality- Created with the assistance of a Head Mounted Device (HMD) and powered by the smartphone or computer, the virtual reality is essentially a display of three-dimensional content. A view overtook by the HMD where the viewer has completely locked away from the real world and shifts the focus onto the digital world replacing the sights and sounds and the environment.

Augmented Reality- Literally implying, heightening the sense of reality that we as humans experience. Adding another aggrandized layer to the virtual reality setup augmented realities extends more like a piggyback ride upon virtual realities with the juxtaposition of digital onto the real.

Mixed Reality- Weaving out digital and physical objects, that allows a two-way interaction, is called Mixed Reality. The holographic projections are seamlessly mingled with the reality and the objects that constitute our surroundings. It is not simply augmented reality but AR made a level more complex and interactive.

Advancements On-board

The MWC 2019, (Mobile World Conference) help at Barcelona witnessed the introduction of the Hololens 2 by Microsoft. Revving the previous version in all aspects, including a visual display system that has made the holograms more realistic and authentic. Breaking ground by providing the best in industry holograph density of 47 pixels per degree of sight, Hololens is a power packed with a lot more improvements and features to watch out for.

Combining the built-in AI with semantic understanding and new time-of-flight depth sensors, the Hololens facilitates more comprehensive interaction with the hologram as you would do with physical objects in the real world.

The time-of-flight depth sensor is further complemented by the twin eye-tracking sensor geared up with iris recognition models, powered by Windows Hello login, providing user authentications and sharing of the device. The thermal management and the new vapor chamber technology facilitates a wider physiological variability for better fitting on human heads. It allows longer hours of usage while you have your glasses on and Hololens 2 adapts to the rest of it with applications like Dynamics 365 Remote Assist, Layout and Guides Application.

Guiding on Mixed Reality

Playing up on the new pane of Mixed Reality, Dynamics 365 Guides by Microsoft creates holograms to enhance learning with step-by-step details. This recreates a scenario where employees get an up-close experience of using tools and parts. The interactive nature of the Hololens usage navigates the user into a customized training ambiance that helps reinforce institutional knowledge. For instance, as the user focuses upon a specific machine part, it projects useful digital information about it.

The natural hand tracking feature makes the user feel that he is able to hold and move the holographic object just like he would do in the real-world and the flip up visor is an easy way to switch between the real and holographic world. Microsoft’s launch partner, ThinWorx IoT has enhanced the flagship device to view a holographic dashboard, easily mapping out each component of the device lucidly for targeted troubleshooting and saving precious man-hours.

Upcoming Perks on Hololens

1. Epic Games is bringing up the Unreal engine 4 for Hololens to a cutting-edge gaming experience.

2. Mixed Reality Services- Allows the development of mixed reality applications on Azure Remote Rendering. This eases the generation of high-quality 3D content that could be streamed upon the Edge-enables devices, simultaneously in real time. Meanwhile, Azure Spatial Anchors has a digital landscape to create holograms in a bounded physical space.

3. Mixed Reality Apps- The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides have effectively elucidated a three-dimensional experience from a two-dimensional flat paper mode that has a mesmerizing and immersive episode.

4. Bentley Systems- One of the promising partners at Microsoft, is coming up with software to assist engineers, architects and constructions firms for complicated infrastructure projects.

5. Ocuvera- Connected with the Azure Kinect System, is a sensory software that detects the implicit requirements of the patient along with an advanced warning mechanism to alert a nurse for help.

An Intelligent World Coming Up

Mixed Reality covers a big advantage including intelligent edge and intelligent cloud to create intelligent conversations. Information gets processed quickly without transferring it onto the cloud. As such the irrelevant information is filtered out by the AI services and task-specific performance is accelerated.

This neoteric device is available in select countries for now at a hefty price, but with the enhancement proposals on the table, there is a lot more to anticipate from the Mixed Reality Technologies.

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