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Healthy revitalizing drinks for Ramadan

Ramadan – Most Important and Sacred month for Muslims

Ramadan is the most important and a sacred month for Muslims all over the world. It is a month of fasting, prayer and introspection during which people can consume food before dawn. i.e. pre-fast meal which is known as Sehri and then after sunset. i.e. post-fast breaking known as Iftar.  

So, in order to keep going without taking a toll on their health, people intake healthy energising food that are high on protein, glucose and water content.  

And for this, we have come up with a list of drinks that are not just appetizing but also revitalizing which will help you to stay active throughout the day.

Here is the list:


Smoothie is a healthy way of consuming shakes with variety of fruits and vegetables which keeps the taste buds satiated and also gives the energy to keep you going all day long. A nutritional head start of the day that makes you feel full, aids in digestion and also boosts immunity.  

One of the basic smoothies is Banana Chia Smoothie which includes frozen banana, dates, chia seeds, milk and yoghurt. Blended together to produce a smooth concoction healthier than a juice. 

Similarly, there is a variety of smoothies which you can devise using different ingredients as per your own choice. 

2) Sherbets

Second and the widely used drink is a sherbet. There are numerous ways to make a sherbet and it’s not at all a tedious task to prepare one. What makes it preferable during Ramadan is its availability and health benefits. And this is why, it is devoured by not just kids but also older people. Below is one of the refreshing sherbet which is easily accessible.     

Rooh Afza, the most popular sherbet among people and specially during the month of Ramadan. It is wholesome and often referred as a “refresher of soul”. And it reduces dehydration & cools down the body temperature.  It is something that brings memories of childhood to every 90s kid! 

Apart from the above-mentioned sherbets, there are many like Bel sherbet, Lemonade, etc which can be savoured.  

3) Mocktails 

Mocktails are invigorating drinks which are formulated using juices, aerated drinks, syrups, herbs and spices and such blends are enjoyed by people of all age groups. 

One of the simple yet energizing mocktails is Mint Mojito which is generally made up of mint leaves, lemon, aerated drink Sprite and ice cubes. All mixed together, in a minute, gives you a sparkling mocktail to beat the heat. 

Likewise, there are others such as Watermelon mocktail, Cranberry & passion fruit mocktail, Pineapple mocktail and so on.

So, rejoice this season of Ramadan with these relishing drinks and stay hydrated! 

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