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JCB ki Khudai – Discovering What’s Inside

It began with a little nudge. A tickle upon the surface, giving way to a plunge that seared deep inside. And with that, every parabolic thrust would delve deeper, determined to uncover and explore the untouched realms within. A litany of ardent lunges, until it attains that subliminal core, and the audience waits with bated breaths with their gaze locked upon the moves with frenzied expectations. And that is the captivating magic of JCB ki Khudai.

The JCB is one of the most recognized excavators and heavy machinery brand that has almost qualified as the replacement for excavators et al. The phenomenon of a JCB at work is more than an everyday scenario on the roads and construction sites of India, but each instance of this grueling machine at work, marvelously enough, attracts a throng of onlookers.

What is all the more stupefying is the fact that in this digital era, the lure of JCB ki khudai persists. Recently, a netizen discovered that the videos of JCB at work, on Youtube, has millions of likes. making us question, the seductive aura that those visuals exude.

Interestingly so, the act of excavations by this colossal machinery is now being dubbed by as the newest parameter of ascertaining the level of unemployment and the quantity of spare time that the Indians have that they actually manage to stand out there staring at the earth being dug out. Regardless of the sun blazing overhead or the traffic clamor in the background, the audience for a JCB digging and excavations is steadfast and unperturbed.

The JCB at work has also been portrayed as a common day affair in one of the most cinematically acclaimed movies like Taare Zameen Par where the protagonist finds himself intrigued by the sight of that big machine in play and spends the day by it.

Soon after the ironically hilarious and surprising statistical discovery online, about the number of views for JCB diggings, the internet had a field day with memes, celebrities and what not.

So have you also felt the hypnotic magic of a JCB at work?

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