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Faire Lamour

Faire L’Amour brings luxury French Perfumes to level up your persona, all in a budget

French perfumes have always carried along with them a tag of luxury and expense. They have been designated as objects of snob appeal, thanks to their complex concoctions of notes and aromas.

Breaking this conjecture, Faire L’Amour has launched a range of avant-garde French Perfumes at highly affordable prices. A company that is deeply rooted in Lucknow, with perfume making the background of nearly 25 years, this one ground-breaking venture on our home ground.

Creating a whirlwind in the traditional perfume marketplace, Faire L’Amour offers 10 perfumes, 4 for men and 4 for women and 2 unisex aromas. Each bottle is made with great care and precision, rendering them impeccably distinguished and at par with high-end French perfumes. Modeled on authentic French notes and each bottle houses a unique personality of its own, reflected in its name. The versatility of the aromatic layers speaks of the unexplored facets of yourself and brings you a perfume that speaks for you when you wear it.

Leveling up the perfume playfield, Faire L’Amour stands out of the crowd with a different alcohol base that is non-allergic and suitable for all skin types. In fact, these long-lasting fragrances leave no mark on your clothes when you use them.

Check out the entire range of exquisite French perfumes here-

Here are some of our favourite picks –

Feroce– Enliven your personality with the naturally alluring aromas of ‘Feroce’. Bringing together the distinct combination of woody notes of the wild, head-turning organic tones of green that are beautifully finished off with the cheerfully aromatic fruit hints. A perfume that represents versatility and is suitable for all occasions.

Elegance-A perfume that resonates with the luxuriant as well as the playful aspect of you. Let the richness of coffee and the sweetness of vanilla do all the talking. Putting together the sensual and addictive combination of grandeur and fun, ‘Elegance’ is the fragrance you need.

Attrayant– Walk in with the endearing and commanding aroma of the refreshing aqua. With ‘Attrayant’, the deep notes of the oceanica seaweed, coupled with the clean and tempting underplay of soothing aromas that linger in your thoughts forever. Make that sophisticated yet sensuous statement with this signature scent.

Femme Envie– Wear insignia of the empowered modern woman. ‘Femme Envie’ makes head turn and take notice of your enviable presence. A sparkling, exhilarating blend of enticing aromas, comprising of fresh fruit accords, raspberries with the hint of pink rose, imparting the ferocious femininity that you so gracefully uphold.

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