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Chandigarh Boy Goes Missing Mysteriously

It ’s been over  5 years, since 25 Y.O Aditya Aggarwal (resident of sector 12 A Panchkula, Chandigarh) left home in the evening hours to party at famous “Satwa” club located at sector 27, Chandigarh. It was a dark day for the  Aggarwal family, as their loving son Aditya, ( otherwise a successful business entrepreneur in chemical business in Chandigarh) never came back home again. A  graduate in chemical engineering from Thapar University Chandigarh, he was a soft-spoken young man adored by all in the neighbourhood, business and friend circle.

However a case of abduction has already been registered by the father Mr Vijay Aggarwal with Chandigarh police. But what is puzzling to all ( including the police) that till date the  Aggarwal family has not received a call/communication from anyone for extortion money/ ransom?

No information of his whereabouts

Neither there is a case of death/ murder registered with any government agencies in India. There was also no trace of his black Sunny Nissan car, he was driving on the ill fated night along with his I phone and Blackberry and the few bank cards he was carrying in his wallet.

There was no use and misuse of his items so far reported by anyone.  Currently, the law enforcement agencies are completely clueless through the all-out effort has been made by them tracking all his call records and history.

As per the last details /feedback available on him was while attending the party with friends on that evening, he received a call from another friend/acquaintance (details unknown), asking him to come to Zirakpur in the outskirts of Chandigarh.

The Description

It was past midnight and two of his friends ( attending the party with him) took a lift in his car and both of them were dropped at sector 19 at their respective residence and then Aditya moved all alone to the appointed destination.

A twist in the tale arrives when Chandigarh police discovered after “ mobile call analysis”  that the cell phone which was used to making the call to Aditya, was also a stolen cell phone snatched from a rickshaw puller in Chandigarh on the same day. This makes Chandigarh police to conclude that it was a typical case of abduction as it was a deliberate planned move on part of the mystery caller to avoid the police net.

In the last 5 years, the Aggarwal family made their best efforts to trace their loving child. Besides police, assistance, an advertisement was released on the “missing person” with rewards of INR 10, 00,000  but till date, the mystery remains.

Our appeal to the everyone is to seek your help, to take a look at the given image of Aditya Aggarwal and in case you come across anyone having close resemblance with the given image, please report the matter.

We have the mandate from Aggarwal family, Panchkula, Chandigarh, India to inform and seek the assistance of the global community on the subject.

You may report the information on the missing businessman Mr Aditya Agarwal directly to any of the contact coordinates presented below. A photo and video are uploaded on the missing businessman for information to Facebook community  Together, we might be able to bring back the smiles again to Aggarwal family who had been only agonized and suffering since last 5 years.

Contact directly to Aggarwal family by email in the video attached
Phone number- +918580664677 , +919805100020

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