Rediscover the Irani Cuisine with Irani Kafe 1921

Irani Kafe

Trace the roots of the delicious food history of Irani Food that rests at the heart of the Awadhi culture.

The aromas of Mughlai food, doused in choicest spices engulfs your senses in Lucknow. The rich heritage and culture and the celebrated tehzeeb of the city are synonymous with the exquisite Irani flavor profiles. Elevating the unmatched culinary culture of the city, the Irani Kafe by Vintage Machine is and phenomenal and unique conceptual food venture that channels the real vibe of Iran in the crux of the city.

Irani Kafe you into the quaint and peculiar aura of a typical bistro fo Iran. The immaculate eye for details woven into the entire space leaves you speechless. And the next best reason to render you speechless is their authentic Irani food that raises the tangent of traditional Lucknow food onto a more refined sphere of gastronomical exhilaration.

The specially curated food menu offers an array of signature delicacies and flavors straight from the homes of Iran itself. The best of it is here for you-

Irani Chai– Iranis love their tea. Occupying a big part of the Persian culture is the renowned Irani Chai. By placing a sugar piece in your mouth and having tea is the authentic way of enjoying Chai.

Polos and Pulaos- We love our Biryani and for the same reason, you will also be smitten with the fancier cousin, the Polos. Served often in combination with vegetables the Berenj or Rice morphs into the unbeatable Polos.

Kebobs – Find the scrumptious kebabs everywhere in Iran and bringing the signature flavors of Kebabs of Iran to Lucknow plates is Irani Kafe. Their wide array of unbelievable and innovative ingredients for Kebabs are sure to enliven your taste buds.

Soups and Shorbas– More from the savory side of the Irani platter are the drool-worthy Shorba. The heady concoction of absolutely subliminal spices that leave an indelible memory. Irani Kafe recreates these with passion and daring flair.

Fruit and Flower Syrups- It is impossible to resist the mindboggling array of syrups, shakes, and smoothies. Priding in their unique beverages, the taste profile with these sodas and drinks are a fun twist to the usual taste.

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