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Blood Donation day

With Bombay Blood Group, the rarest in the world, there is an underlying reason for Blood Donation

The discovery of the rarest blood group in the world is traced back to the mid of the 19th century. Somewhere in the bustling roads of Mumbai, then called Bombay. And since, the significance of blood donation in the nation cannot be overemphasized.

The Bombay Blood Group

It was a sheer accident that led to the detection of the Bombay Blood Group. An injured railway worker was rushed to the hospital and at same eve a victim of the brutal stabbing was admitted. The doctors failed to match their blood types of these patients.  When they attempted to mix the blood samples of the patients with regular blood groups, it only resulted in coagulation. It was after an intensive search that a Bombay resident was located who carried blood that suited both blood types.

Characterized by the absence of an antigen H in the blood but with an overarching presence of just the antibody H, the Bombay blood group has an astonishingly low occurrence. As it was first encountered in Bombay, this blood group got its name from the city itself.

Reason for this Rare Occurrence

The Hindu newspaper published a story that elucidated the occurrence of this blood group in the south East Asian region and specifically in Bombay. The traditional families of southern India have a highly consanguineous marriage trend. Thus, the gene pool for restricted.

Renowned anthropologists propose a theory whereby those carrying the Bombay Blood group have a common ancestral origin. Therefore, people with this phenotype are more likely to be in India.

Urgent Need of Blood Donation

Many myths make rounds that deter donors from blood donation. However, we are here to bust those false impressions.

  1. No, Blood Donation Does not hurt.
  2. You can donate blood even if you smoke.
  3. Blood Donation does not weaken the immune system.
  4. It does not lead to infections.
  5. Blood Donation does not cause Fatigue

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