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Your Business Needs a Chatbot Right Now!

Need any task done, just speak into your phone and it is done. We are accustomed to Siri, helping us out with our everyday tasks, more so, even qualifying as an engaging partner for casual conversations responding in just the manner we unconsciously wish for. Google soon followed suit with the Google Assistant, based upon the same work principles. Together, the Artificial Intelligence (AI), Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) and Machine Learning have collaborated and materialized all that we imagined as the hi-tech future prospect, exercised by top software engineers and gilt-edged programmers, is now an everyday amenity. Chatbots are no more a novelty of digital titans like Google, Amazon, and SpaceX, but a highly personalized facility within our grasp, literally.

Apple emerged as the pioneer game changer in the Chatbot arena with the advent of Siri, the inbuilt AI enabled digital assistant. The advancement in automation has landed us upon a dynamic landscape where interaction with your phones and laptops is no more a one-way street. The ubiquitous presence and reliable responses of Chatbots have elevated it as a major feature for commercial development and augmented customer interaction.

Bots have transformed themselves as an integral aspect of all online businesses, and for the past couple of years, Chatbot development has risen as the most followed online marketing trend. The cut-throat competition has made the use of Chatbot mandatory. The ever-growing innovations in technology have made it crucial for online businesses to keep in sync with the progression, simultaneously increasing the profits ratio along with maintaining a lucrative long term algorithm.

Every business needs a ChatBot like yesterday, and the benefits of having one are many, and guess what, online businesses are desperate to introduce them at their websites.

1. Unlock the power of AI- Chatbots are a relatively young technology with continuous growth that projects an untapped potential rate. The ultra-modern technology is defined by its adept usage of syntax and often complemented by artificial intelligence. Making them usable in all avenues in the digital realm for creating a much more automated and simplified task environment.

2. Rev Up your Company’s Brand Image- Today, the visitor to a website is more susceptible to get converted as a customer if your website communicates itself as a reputed and task-oriented entity. The visitor is highly influenced by the fact that he attains his solution in the easiest manner, without putting up with roadblocks. And ChatBots is designed precisely to take care of this need. These automated assistants are fluent at delivering qualitative results at minimum efforts. Their commendably high accuracy rates make the customer experience exceptionally memorable and thus presents a better brand image.

3. The result – Oriented Assistance- A Chatbot basically simplifies the errand of the user by understanding the needs and is thereby programmed to navigate the user to the specific product or service. They are not there to overwhelm the user with unsought ornamentation but to be the lighthouse to find the answer to the query.

4. Automation is the Answer- The incessant availability of Chatbot assistance are a credible manner to save upon the precious human resource. They are tireless and consistent in their work output, rendering the human workforce available for executing other productive business tasks. This, in turn, will save up the bankroll for the customer support team upkeep.

5. Mobile Friendly Future- The future is mobile and a Chatbot is the offspring of cross-platform functionality. These Chatbots are highly adaptive to various operating systems on which mobiles run and therefore become a good accompaniment for mobile-oriented interaction. The interfaces are seamlessly streamlined to extend a very enriching user experience.

6. Data Insights and Analysis Reports- Chatbots come with an inbuilt feature to generate the data insights and customer interaction analysis report from the customer inputs received and saved in the primary database. These become a viable tool to understand the popular queries and products that the customer has inquired about. With the help of this databank, business owners are able to identify their top products and also enhance those facets of work.

Having proven their all-encompassing benefits, Chatbots are specifically indispensable for online businesses. The few simple and inarguable reasons for their necessity are-

1. Boost the User Engagement– ChatBots are not humans and this is the biggest advantage. Unlike humans, ChatBots are capable of managing multiple conversations at a given point of time and there is no upper limit to this competency. User engagement plummets when there is a highly responsive website and this prepares the company to enter unchartered markets.

2. Query Management- At any given point of time, a business platform is prone to receive a wave of repetitive inquiries for a single product or service. Chatbots are the support pillars for the customer care team and double as the preliminary filter during client management. Post-screening, Chatbots redirect only those calls to the human customer care executives that require that angle of intervention. Additionally, they are instrumental to resolve the basic queries of the customer, without involving the human resource at it.

3. Decision-Making Assistance- When it comes to shopping, assistance is vital in order to pave the way to the optimum product. Here, ChatBots are your best buddy. The artificial intelligence enabled algorithm tracks the user preference and creates a vision of the necessity. These traits go a long way to make chatbots a friendly digital buddy.

4. Cost Effective- Chatbots are a budget-friendly proposition. These are focal at generating engaging visitors to the website who have a high probability to provide business. So, going by the numbers generated for income, vis-à-vis the expenditure accrued at customer service team, speaks for itself. This renders Chatbot as a fiscally beneficial venture.

5. User Interaction- Without overwhelming the user, the Chatbot are designed to provide or navigate the user to the optimum solution for their query. These keep the user on the designated platforms, initiates a conversation and maintains it. As inputs are received from the user, more personalized solutions are produced.

6. Millennial Magnet– Today’s users are not impulsive while shopping. With the abundant information ready at our disposal, the buyer compares and inquiries into the specifications before making a purchase. The introduction of a Chatbot for millennial to interact with has a proven track record to be a smart investment.

7. Automated Backend Management- Well, Chatbots are not operating at the front end of the business with customer interactions, in fact, they are also, simultaneously keeping up with the backend updating record maintenance.

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