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Mirrors by Mariem Shamsi

Your home is a complete reflection of you as a person. Your style, preferences, aesthetics and inclination, and that is the reason why every homemaker endeavors to curate everything that speaks for them in the house

Ushering a new facet of interior décor, Mariem Shamsi, from the city of Lucknow, have launched a new venture by name of The Mirrors. A bespoke mirror frame service that provides handcrafted frames with a regal and luxurious look.

The venture, according to the Mariem was not a planned move. The inception of this idea is credited to her avant-garde tastes in home décor. When she was moving into her new residence, she was very particular about each wall, wardrobe and every square foot inside. With that in mind, she had wall mirrors especially made for amalgamate into the look and feel of the house. In no time, her mirror wall began to steal all the spotlight among her social circle. Soon enough, after a flood of queries, she decided to start her own line of exquisite wall mirrors. Today, her designs are in high demand among the citizens of Lucknow.

Unlike the usual array available in the market, The Mirrors is all about unique designs carrying forward the antediluvian charm with a modern twist of colors. Each mirror frame is chiseled into fine details so that it blends in seamlessly with every kind of house. The variety of shades and looks are shaped to compliment your walls, magnifying the entire impact indoors.

Channeling the old world charm in your living space with a refreshing tweak, is simply what one aspires. A perfect match for the personality of the house. Available in various sizes and variants, and at budget prices, Les Miroirs gives you all the right reasons to have one of these surreal beauties in your home.

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