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Confused over Chinese Restaurants in Lucknow? Ask the Food Bloggers here!

Its nearly impossible to resist the lip-smacking flavor of Chinese Food and with numerous outlets popping up across the city, it is a confounding decision to make. But we have it sorted for you now!

When the question is about food, word of mouth travels the fastest. So, we had a lip-smacking, finger-licking conversation with one of Lucknow’s most followed and appreciated food blogger- The Hungry Indian Soul, aka Abhik Haldar about Chinese food.

With his extensive experience with the newest and the oldest, the yummiest and not that yummiest places in the city, we asked him for some sincere suggestions. And the list that we have curated for you here is absolutely mouthwatering. Nothing could be more reliable than a food blogger’s personal preferences.

Wantons, Manchurians, Chop Suey, Teriyaki, and the list of endless. The big fan base of Chinese food has pushed Lucknow restaurants to cater to the hungry souls with something above the staple find in the street. Chinese and Continental restaurants are branching out into more exotic sauces and servings, sourced from the Chinese cuisine mainland. All seasoned to delight the foodies of the town.


And the places that we came to know were a surprise! Not the usual big-time names of the city, but some common and idyllic restaurants that have been contributing to the culinary excellence of the city for some time.

Hold your breath and fetch your chopsticks now!


Wok to Remember– Relatively new in the playpen, this exclusively Chinese food outlet has dished out some memorable sauces with unique ingredients. Best known for their freshly prepared, highly customizable dishes and easy to carry wok boxes in a head-turning yellow hue. The walk to Wok to Remember is indeed memorable.


Chung Fa- One of the oldest Chinese Restaurant that the city of Lucknow prides in. The one that ushered in and catapulted the unprecedented rise of Chinese food in the city. Headed by seasoned chefs, the quaintly alluring restaurant at the Gole Market in Mahanagar has a customer queue who swear by its food.


Royal Cafe– One of the most iconic food destination in the city. Royal Cafe brings you the luscious basket chat with a riot of colors in the cascading sweet yogurt. But little did you know that the main course menu is also a litany of memorable flavors. Excelling in taste profiling, the Chinese section of the restaurant is nothing short of super yummy.


Mainland China– The masters of the real taste of China will never go wrong. Upscale, fancy and exotic, the food served at Mainland China makes it way straight to your heart. Expressing the genuine aura of Chinese cuisine, Mainland China wins you over at every slurp.


Kool Break- Indeed, one of the coolest place to head to when its the mood for some delicious Chinese. Their special dish, Chicken 2 ways is a composition of two varieties of chicken while their sizzlers and sauces are pure love at first bite.

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