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Buffet Dinner Plan? Ask the Food Connosieur- Aprmay ( @gladtobeglutton)

For a luxury buffet, the city of Lucknow leaves you spoiled for choice. The creme de la creme has been handpicked by Aprmay ( @gladtobeglutton)

The food lovers in Lucknow are being pampered endlessly. The city is witnessing a delightful onslaught of luxury buffet options. Premier hotels of the city are consistently regaling the taste buds of the foodies with exquisite dishes

More so, these buffets are surprising each one with special cuisine festivals. Each food festival modeled upon a delectable cuisine, ranging across oceans like Mexican, Italian, Spanish and Moroccan.

All set to build a strong and versatile palate for all food adventurers, we asked one of Lucknow’s celebrated and known faces for food blogging- Aprmay Pandey, more frequently referred to as Gladtobeglutton

Fortified with his far-reaching experience with luxury brands and multi-cultural interaction right from Europe itself, Aprmay suggests the following buffets for an upscale dine out where a bang for each buck is guaranteed.

The Sahib Cafe- Taj Mahal Hotel

  1. Sahib Cafe at Taj Mahal Hotel- A regal edifice, nestled in the heart of Lucknow’s iconic Taj Mahal Hotel, The Sahib Cafe lives up to its famed legacy. Owing to its name, the cafe treats you as much as a Sahib as the latent heritage from the English era could perpetuate. A cafe offering a buffet that takes you down memory lane of all things bewitching and satisfying. On a lookout for the best in class luxury and antediluvian flavors, with an invincible punch of modernity, head straight to the Sahib cafe at The Taj Mahal Hotel.

Rocca- Hyatt Regency


2. Rocca at Hyatt Regency – Discover a whole new level of food epiphany at the Rocca by Hyatt. The stately outlook, done in light wood contemporary design and colossal glass panes, welcoming a flood of light is all you need to whet that appetite. Rocca, known for their formidable forte to twist the traditional taste into a whole new pleasurable riot of taste for your refined taste buds, always have a tasty trick up their sleeve. Try their one of a kind buffets with an eclectic mix of famous cuisines and you will know what experimentation means.


L-14 at Renaissance


3. L 14 at Renaissance- Buckle up to take a dive into food coma. The culinary experts at the L-14 in Renaissance are scuba divers of taste, style and luxury. Taking you deep into the unexplored realms of rich cuisines done impeccably. A sea of uncharted taste profiles, presented with a surreal panache. Experience the thrill of taste only at L 14.


Cafe Quane at Ramada


4. Cafe Quane at Ramada– Explore the out-of-the-box flavor sensibilities at Cafe Quane at Ramada. In the sprawling property of the renowned Ramada, lies this heavenly abode of divine flavours. A big favorite among the lovers of taste, Cafe Quane is known for its ambiance and offbeat cuisine festivals happening ever so often.


Kava at Fairfield


5. Kava by Fairfield– Kava at Fairfield by Marriott takes forth the supreme endowment of taste, identified with the marriot kitchens and puts them out for you in its signature style. The most renowned and sought after food festival that this buffet restaurant offers is the ongoing Tex Mex food celebration, where the unparalleled acumen of the chefs is expressed in the cross border cuisine of Mexico and Texas. Food from halfway across the globe, here on your platter


The Square at Novotel


6. The Square at Novotel– Novotel boasts of assorted food connoisseurs who are sworn lovers of their buffet spread. A knock-you down list of mindblowing scrumptious delights, specializing in Chinese foods. Their weekly Sunday Brunches is a fun affair and a hot favourite of the city folks


The Centurion


7. The Centurion– Gear up to meet the most extravagant and lavish buffet in the city. The Centurion is a cacophony of drool-worthy food items, spread with aplomb across a hall that is as big as a soccer field. A mind-boggling variety that leaves you coming back for more. A contemporary layout with a very urbane feel that doesn’t fail to disappoint you.


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