The Cancerian Zodiac- All Secrets Told Right Here 1704

Dedicated to all Cancerians! Everything you know and ought to know about them

Those born under the Cancerian sun sign are as mysterious as they can be. It’s nearly crazy to understand their mind or the state of their heart. Mostly tagged as overwhelmingly emotional and mellow, there is a whole lot of things going on with a Cancerian that you have no clue about.

A Cancerian is a mess, a potpourri of a variety of things that you had no idea that they possessed. Quiet and laid back at the first impression, they have unbridled energy waiting to be channeled out with the right person.

Unraveling and secret realms of a Cancerian, we have some surprising discoveries queued up for you.

  1. The Curious Composition of a Cancerian- The Cancerian is a tangle of all feels and just feels. They are perhaps the most emotionally fragile ones in the zodiac. Their innate and close touch with their sentiments makes them exceptionally gifted at perceiving the feelings and emotions of others.

2. The Undecipherable Enigma that Cancerians Are- Mystery is practically the middle name for a Cancerian. In a span of a few minutes, a Cancerian can boggle you with a plethora of distinctive emotions racing through this heart. Happy in a minute and Hungry+ Angry = ‘Hangry’ in the next sixty seconds. So just buckle up for a rollercoaster ride when you fall in love with this puzzling soul.

3. Intense, Passionate and Everything in Between- The thing with Cancerians is that emotions are supremely consummate. So when they fall in love, its the zenith of passion and love. The affection that is so intense and overwhelming that they qualify as the best people with unconditional love instincts. Count yourself lucky if your better half is a Cancerian 😉

4. They Love Pampering and Affection- With the right person, Cancerians cannot resist the smallest bit of affection. A simple little caring gesture is enough to melt their heart. Their sensual side is propelled by the desire to be loved and needed.

5. Comfort, Personalized and Homely Vibes- Unsurprisingly, Cancerians are lovers of all things cozy and customized for them. Prototype homebodies, Cancerians enjoy investing their energy into creating an environment that appeases them.

6. Perks of a Cancerian Partnership– When you are in the company of a Cancerian, you have you put up infinitely with the emotional oscillations but guess what, Cancerians are way too lavish. They go simply overboard to put a smile on your face. Overly generous with gifts, Cancerians feel that they have a responsibility to keep their loved ones happy.

7. Overthinkers and All-Caught-Up– A typical Cancerian is all about reminiscing over the past. A long stroll down memory lane all the time. Scrutinizing the things of the past and dissecting every embarrassing moment of their life. They are the embodiment of all things extremely sentimental.

8. Value Friends and Significant Others- A Cancerian is notorious for canceling the best-laid plans, but little do you know that they value their friends, family and everyone close to them, beyond everything else. The moment they find that anyone is upset, they leave everything just to be on their side.

9. Building Walls and Distances– Cancerians will go MIA. Totally incognito. They are pro at ghosting you out for personal reasons. All you gotta do is give them their time to walk back to you.

10. Tough Time with Heartbreaks- With the quality and quantity of emotional investments that Cancerians make in their relationships, it’s devasting when their relations crumble. Even the slightest chink in their relationships takes a heavy toll on them.

11. Love/Hate New Folks– With Cancerians, its a tough call when associating or welcoming new people in their life. They are extremely shy and can spend a while judging you unless they feel secure enough to express their vulnerabilities or just go-head-over-heels, hearts-popping-in-their-eyes.

12. A Storehouse of EVERYTHING- The mind of a Cancerian is a maze. Having said that, it is also a treasure house of every memory that you would otherwise tuck away in a corner. Consequently, those gloomy memory snippets keep them on their toes, emotionally.

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