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Shed Your Sanskaars- Sacred Games 2 is Here

You heard that right. Netflix’s most awaited web series – Sacred Games has announced its Trailer and release date right now. Read on know it all!

Netflix showed the Indian audience the unfiltered reality in the most riveting and edgy cinematography. Sacred Games came and blew everyone away with its gruesome realities and gut-wrenching story-telling.


Leaving you at a cliff-hanger moment in its previous season, the Netflix lovers have been on their toes ever since.

Based on a novel by Vikram Chandra, the book was released in 2006 and since it has been under consideration to be remade in Hollywood, but nothing can ever replicate the real charm of the Indian-ness that the book is all about.

Here, we have a line-up of all the reasons why you must watch this series and also all the reasons why its detrimental to your sanskars.

  1. Gaaliyan Galore– Indian Gaaliyan has a different ting to it. And the generous use of it all through the season gets you acquainted with some real-time creativity inherent in every Indian

2. Gruesome Graphics– The detailing of the series not just wins you over but also makes the hair at the back of your neck rise. Redefining the realistic screenplay, the season is as horrifying as it could get. Hauntingly honest, the graphics are a whole new level of bloodshed. Definitely not for the fainthearted.

3. Nudity is Natural- One of the top reasons that Sacred Games has had so many viewers is not just the gripping storyline but also the nudity in natural light. We all know, yes, sex sells.

4. Unromanticized and Exploitive Sex- Leave behind all your notions about a sensual sex soiree. With Sacred Games, it is just rough, unromantic and detrimental to your psyche. maybe this is the real face of bedroom lives that we have learned to euphemize and cuddle.

5. Transgender and Transitions in the Real World- We know the world of transgenders just as Bollywood serves it to us. Sacred Games has developed a whole new perspective in the real life of a transgender and more than just charm and taboo, it dives into their insecurities and fears as an ostracized member of the society.

6. Death, Up Close and True- Bollywood has always tread the path of immortalization of the protagonist, but with Sacred Games, it starts with death and death being the standard punctuation in the series. A grotesque tale of heroes brushing death ever so often that keeps your heartbeat on a tightrope. And guess what, Saif Ali Khan loses a thumb. Can it be any more barbaric?

7. The Nasty Take on Political Realities- The round-up of the political upheavals that the country has witnessed could not more articulate than Sacred Games. With its real-life references to the societies and the masses, the depiction hits your sensibilities like a sledgehammer.

8. The Babri Masjid Sensationalism- Cases that split the country. Cases that have for long been the bone of contention could not get a more relatable reference an allusion. Streaming through the history of India and politicization of religion in its most savage form has given that authentic galvanization that sacred Games is acclaimed for.

9. Hard Drugs in Bollywood- Bollywood has had this intoxicating dark side and that cannot be left untouched when Sacred Games is all bent upon touching upon and roping in the most compelling realities of our societies. Revealing the depressing lifestyle behind the glitz and glamour, we witness the unbridled hard drugs and its abuse in the Bollywood.

10. Sexual Fetish– Leaving no stone unturned, Sacred Games hits back with yet another untouched realm of sexuality- Fetishes. Just dabbling upon the surface, Sacred games displays the crimson world of sexual fetishes and desires. Bondage, Dominance and Submission, we got it all.

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