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Looking for a Special Cake? “Lucknow Bakeries you gotta head to”- Neeti Malik

Cakes are a playpen for culinary creativity and Lucknow is witnessing some drool-worthy designs

Who can ever resist the beauty of those soft sponges covered in delicious cream? Oh, cakes, the blessings at the end of every meal. The regal sweet dish to grace the most splendid occasions.

For a royalty like cakes, getting the right one wit the best taste is quite a task in the city of Lucknow. Dozens of bakeries springing up leaves you confused. Worry not, our Food Influencer- Neeti Malik has it sorted for you. With her expansive experience with various cakes and eateries, she has handpicked nothing but the best for you! Read on to know the best bakeries of Lucknow

Coffee and Cakes- Renaissance


Renaissance Lucknow is renowned for its best in class culinary servings. Not lagging in the cakery segment, Renaissance’s exclusive outlet, Coffee and Cakes serves you nothing short of yumminess. Prepared by the best pastry chefs around, the flavor speaks of the expertise invested therein.


Mr. Brown Bakery


Mr. Brown Bakery is now a staple when you think of anything sweet and especially cakes. With multiple outlets in all major areas of the city, Mr. Brown has really wooed the Lucknow locals with their fresh bakes and a large variety of cakes.


JJ Bakers


Perhaps one of the most renowned and celebrated names in the city of Lucknow, JJ Bakers have taken forward the legacy of sweet and creamy with great aplomb and still have loyal cake enthusiasts who crave the flavors of JJ Bakers only.

Mouth Wide Shut


Creating a very recognizable space on the bakery landscape of Lucknow, Mouth Wide Shut is barely a year old and a force to be reckoned with. Bring to you, some flavors that you have not imagined in your dreams, the entire array of desserts s straight from Wonderland. mesmerizingly decorated and flavored with the rarest, the cakes here are incredible!


The Cherry Tree


Remembered for its prime location in the very heart of the city and its ambiance, that looks straight out of a fairytale, The Cherry Tree is a cafe with one of the most relaxing setups and food to regale your tastebuds. Blueberry Cheesecake is a big hit amongst all and closely chased by their Mac’n Cheese.

Buttercup Bungalow


The Buttercup Bungalow, headed by celebrated cake artist Arti Vaid is the venue where experimentation is the key. Ushering a new horizon of taste and art, Buttercup Bungalow has been the torchbearer of cake-innovations. Head here for a lavish treat for not just your tastebuds but also for your eyes.


M&H Bakery


One of the new entrants in the cake segment, Milk and Honey is an offshoot of Madhurima Sweets. With a recognized acumen n Indian sweets, the cakes from Milk and Honey are a different level of taste and excellence. Check out their delicious range of cakes and bakes right away.




This little cake deli is the house of epic flavor tales and cake designs. The signature style at Macaron stays minimal with abundant care to detailing and taste. At Macarons, its not just about cakes, it’s more about the entire look and feel of the dessert, with cake sealing the spotlight. Known for their hand-styled trays and floral paraphernalia, Macarons is the complete package of love and yum.

The Hazelnut Factory


Barely some months old, The Hazelnut Factory has already become a hit with the Lucknow folks. Spreading across magnanimously, the bakery has an outdoor sitting area with the coziest and cutest fairy lights and interiors that speak of all things chic and urban. Done in modern blue and chessboard blood, there is a warm feel to the entire place. When its cakes, well, the crowd attracted here is the testimonial itself. Lucknowites swear by their cakes, bakes, sweets, and savories.



A specialized branch of Capoor and Sons, Sugarmour is the romance with sugar and cakes that you needed in your life all along, This little bakery steals your heart with its rich flavors and fresh cakes. Visit Sugamour to rekindle the love of all things sugar.

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