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Rahul Bose Moment

As veteran actor Rahul Bose shared his story of the price of 2 bananas in a social media post, Twitteratis can’t resist sharing their overpriced moment.

It began with another post made by one of the most followed celebrities n Twitter- Rahul Bose. A video that has gone viral because it happens to touch upon one of the most relatable and hilarious instances that forms the very core definition of being desi.

India as a country with vast economic inequalities, the range of amities available for both ends of the spectrum are unlimited with luxury coming at an unexpectedly bloated price. The sky-high prices often lead you to ponder of that is really worth it or just stupidity.

In the case of Rahul Bose, it is just a pair of regular bananas that have been insanely charged at Rs. 500, simply because this was ordered at a high-end luxury hotel. And the video showcasing the bill and the food has been winning all Indian hearts.

Following suit, the enthusiastic Twitteratis have shared their instances when they shelled out big bucks for the lamest and unexpected products.

Somewhere down the line, this is also the reflection of the vast disparity of prices that are charged for the same item, just because of its brand name. Here are some of the most eye-catching Rahul Bose Moments on the internet today.

Policy Bazar went all out to capture that pocket bursting moment to weave into their policy services. Save yourself from such unexpected price bomb #RahulBoseMoment

You can’t underestimate the power of a banana. And the Bollywood cinematic universe has proven the same. They are worth every dime there

Tounge-in-cheek moment, nabbing another overpriced destination with another. Let the image do all the talking.

Oyo Rooms taking just another jab at them with their budget rooms and accommodations.

Oberoi Malls serving some smart emojis that tell the whole tale in a budget. Let’s go all bananas

There is a lot more than you can have at the same amount and not just bananas. UClean getting that right

3 Idiot’s iconic scene already had a fair idea of this coming true

If Forbes can feature it, this is surely important.

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