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Lessons in Laughing Through Life- Vijay Yadav

Renowned stand-up comic Vijay Yadav shared his trysts from the stereotypical engineering to a daring stand-up comedy.

Hailing from a middle-class family with conditioned career aspirations, Vijay Yadav grew up in a menage where being an engineer is the norm of the day. Treading the path charted by his family be studied Design Engineering with a German Design Firm. But like all square pegs in round holes, he abandoned this ship and started his own CADD center in India.


In a span of 2 years, he moved on from it and found himself attending a meet under the aegis of ‘Hello Meet’. Hello Meet being an open platform for budding writers where they got together to discuss their field of work. Having stumbled upon the turning point in his life, he felt like he has discovered his one true talent.

Having identified his niche he soon joined Coalition- a program catering to different genres of art. Out there, he got an avenue to interact and develop with like-minded people. From that point on, it was an uphill task on the learning curve. Surmounting stage fright and being the spotlight stealer, there were hundreds of personal challenges that he had to overcome. And soon the day came when being on stage felt enlivening for him.


Enriched with varied vocational experiences, he was able to establish a connection with his audience across different segments that fuelled his comic acumen in ways more than one. Despite that, he admits that cracking a joke is just no cakewalk. People are waiting to take offense and often he hs to stick his neck out in the guillotine with some acerbic words and wits.


Vijay knows that his most thrilling sets have their roots in observational comedy and turns to it for further development. Traveling being the catalyst and the signature galvanization in his comic sets. His ideas stem from cultural variants and the differentiated personalities that he enjoys interacting with.


Sharing the secret sauce of success, Vijay asserts that he takes due note of his audience reactions and taps upon those inputs to sharpen his art. Initially, the career choice was proving itself to be difficult with insufficient income but with persistence and determination, he was able to transition from a salaried-job to a full-time comedian.

Today, he stands as one of the most celebrated and renowned names in the Standup Comedy Circuit.

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