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Lucknow 49- Lucknow Food Winning London Hearts

The Streets of London now come alive with the unmistakable whiff of Lucknowi Food, served exclusively at Lucknow 49

Lucknow’s food is more than just a meal. Its a gastronomical sojourn of some indelibly brilliant flavor profiling with locally sourced ingredients. Food cannot get any more exotic than this. Taking forward this fulfilling legacy of exquisite flavors, scrumptious savories and delightful desserts is Lucknow 49, right at the heart of London itself.

Lucknow 49

This lovable Indian cuisine restaurant is conveniently located in Mayfair. Started by Dum Biryani House founder Dhruv Mittal, Lucknow 49 proves that it hits all the posh curry points on your flavor palette. Under the tutelage of Chef Irfan Khan, hailing from a lineage of royal khan-e-sama in Lucknow and elevating up to a chef in one of the top hotels of the country.

Belonging to the fourth generation of chefs in a long line of culinary expertise, Chef Irfan Khan has picked the best tricks of the trade from his ace ancestors. Fortified by the secrets of the aromatic art of gravies and delicious biryanis, he adds a signature twist to each of these dishes appeasing the contemporary taste preferences of the masses.

It serves Awadhi cuisine, shaped by the rulers of the Mughal Empire and famed for its slow-cooked opulence, saffron-scented biryanis, and general proto-boujeenes, but its surroundings are compact and humble. ”

The ambiance at Lucknow 49 welcomes you to a chintzy domain of flamboyantly warm tones juxtaposed against the monochrome pictures of stern-looking Lucknowi nobles. The rooms are an engaging litany of hand-painted decorations around the archway, leading you to the dining room. Florals dominating the theme of the upholstery and olive green paintwork giving way to an aura of refined tastes. A rather surreal symphony of sweet domesticity infused with a welcoming gleam of metal artifacts in the wall decors.

The menu is an interesting mix of all things Lucknowi. Consisting primarily of signature food items of the hyperlocal cuisine, the array leaves you in a plate scraping trance. Curries of the richest in a mirror-bright glaze beckon your tastebuds into inescapable hypnosis. The showstoppers on this culinary runway are marked by the Nahari and Kulcha. Nahari being spicy suffuse of special spices, slow-cooked to soften the mouthful mutton pieces. Kulcha, a type of flaky layered leavened bread, made in tandoor and finished with a buff or butter. A delectable partner to the scoops of addictive dal makhani.

Lucknow 49 rhapsodizes the local cuisine to a whole new curry wave washing up to the plates of the Londoners and sweeping them away with its divine deliciousness. Have you visited Lucknow 49 yet?

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