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8/2(2+2) An Equation that leads to Divison

Twitter’s newest fancy. It’s a dreadful Maths equation! Can you solve this little problem?

Twitter is all buzzed up with 8/2(2+2). People are going crazy behind the equation which has led to a challenge to all the Arybhatta and Hypatia Fans. The equation was posted by an account @pjmdoll. Its been already shared 3,000 times and earned 12k likes.

The hustle started with this tweet like this-

8/2(2+2) landed into mess dividing people, conflicting on the solution. 

The internet and the audience has been divided into two parts for the solution of 8/2(2+2). Some say the answer is 1 while some claims it to be 16. An Expert that has 2 degrees in maths and she is confident at 1 whereas popular mathematicians assert at 16.

And again 8/2(2+2) landed into the Bermuda triangle like misery that doesn’t give a solution to this.

The equation is creating norms because different personalities are applying different methods from different part of the world. People are applying different methods depending on the countries and the methods they are grown up with.

The two popular methods that are being applied is BODMAS and PEMDAS. for 8/2(2+2). And both the methods are the basic reason for the fight. BODMAS is giving the output as 1 and the PEMDAS output to be 16.

Twitteratis from across the world is divided over it when it a very basic equation that is creating this global rift. Questions are being raised over the right approach.


 So guys still our equation 8/2(2+2) is in trauma searching for the solution between 1 and 16.  The exact answer to this solution is not sorted and 8/2(2+2) remains a mystery. The fight is on between BODMAS and PEMDAS, 1 and 16. Let’s see who gets knocked down at the end and ultimately win the battle and come out with flying colors.

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