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Tandoori Treasures & Kebabs in Lucknow- Azman Khan

Avid food blogger, Azman Khan, known for his exquisite food choices, brings you the rarest of kebabs and Tandoori tastes you could know

Some people just eat kebabs, but there is a whole bunch of people who dream kebabs and live kebabs and everything sta. If not in Lucknow, where else would you find the most exotic and flavorful kebabs?

Azman Khan, popularly known as Talking Tastebuds has unearthed one of the rarest and sought-after treasures for your plate. The unique kebabs and tandoori delights of Lucknow.

Disclaimer- This is not another mainstream line-up of the usual kebab spots or tandoori treats of the city, it’s a whole new list to drool upon.


1. Majlisi Kebab

“Majlisi kebabs as the name says were a part of ‘majlis’ (a form of gathering). People used to gather for discussions or prayers and this kebab was served as a snack. Unlike regular kebabs, this version of minced meat is beaten into a coarse paste and then cooked and served in an earthen bowl which is usually covered with a dough covering. The cooking process turns the dough into bread and kebab paste onto kebabs inside the earthen bowl itself. The kebabs are really rich and melt in the mouth, have a slightly coarse texture and the flavor is impeccable.” 
You can get majlis kebabs at  ‘kakori dargah’  ‘chawpatiyo dargah’ (near chowk), Lebua Lucknow and Irani Kafe- Gomtinagar 


2. Chicken Tangri Kebab

“This is one of the dishes widely available in Okhla, Delhi and has made its way to Lucknow with a flavor fusion. As the name says its made of chicken legs marinated in cream/yogurt and a blend of spices, grilled on coal for such a long time that it becomes soft like kebabs.  Available in Lucknow at 

1) Anas Dil Pasad kebabs (Opposite Hayat Hospital, Akbari Gate, Lucknow)

2) Dilli Zaika (Near Fatmi Masjid, Khurramnagar, Lucknow) “


3. Chicken Changezi Dry

“Chicken Changezi is a creamy dish which is often linked to Mongolian Ruler, Gengiz Kanh (not Khan). Fables say he was very particular about his taste and when he reached the outskirts of the Indian subcontinent, the variety of spices used in Indian food blew his mind so his chefs used cream butter and Ghee to reduce the sharpness of flavors and ended up making a dish named as Chicken Changezi. Fables are fables, but ustad nonveg point sells a version of Chicken Changezi that will make you forget the Mongol and Mughlai reference to the dish. It’s a dry chicken, double char grill dried and rubbed in sauce, served with tamarind chutney. No matter how many varieties of chicken Changezi you have tried, this tandoori version will make you lick your fingers for sure. “

4. Shahi Sabz Galawati Kebab

“These are vegetarian delights made out of A mixture of vegetables like bottle gourd, raw papaya, pumpkin, zucchini, etc.. The dish is a lost recipe of Awadh and is available at old homes, commercially you can get them at Azrak, Lebua Lucknow. Trust me you might just not want a regular nonveg after eating this vegetarian kebab.”


5. Kaleji Kebabs

“One of the rare kebabs we find are minced liver kebabs, originally its a form of a European dish with elements from Portugal and Spain but traveled to India and got colored in its spices and cooking traditions. The kaleji or liver is chopped, Boiled and minced and then cooked in ghee or mustard oil (depending on if you like subtle flavors or sharp) on a pan. One of the places serving kaleji kebabs is Aslam kebab point, Daliganj, Lucknow.

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