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Chris Hemsworth

There are some things in life that we cannot have enough of and one of those things, or more appropriately, people; is Chris Hemsworth.

He is a God by all measures. From his heartstopping looks as Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe or other Hollywood blockbusters, his presence on the screen makes you stop all that you are doing and just stare at this singular beauty. Even when he shocked the daylight out of his fans with a bulkier avatar in Avengers Endgame, your love for him only swelled beyond comprehension.

We are preparing a Mjolnir cake for we think Chris Hemsworth is deserving of it. All things considered, he’s turning a year more established. Truly, the Avengers: Endgame entertainer is praising his 36th birthday celebration today and we are attempting our best to make it exceptional. While we are devastated we can’t convey the uncommon cake right to the Aussie on-screen character’s doorstep, we chose to commend his birthday in our own specific manner. While we’ll be cutting a bit of the cake, we will plunge into the cake while viewing a couple of his best recordings.

Presently, don’t reveal to us you haven’t run over some of Chris Hemsworth’s most amusing recordings. How might you overlook Chris’ amazing presentation on Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball? That video is superior to the first video, sorry Miley. Or on the other hand, that video of Chris playing Johnny Cash’s Hurt in Fat Thor symbol. Kid, we needed an exceptional live presentation. While everything we could ever want can’t come through, we chose to chuckle our guts out and observe Chris’ birthday with a great deal of giggling. Care to join?

We’re assembling few of Chris Hemsworth’s most amusing recordings. This incorporates a portion of his goofiest minutes from the creation of the Avengers motion pictures, Thor motion pictures and something else. Look at them beneath:

Wrecking your Calm with this performance

Did I see that right? Is this an illusion?

With Looks so perfect, how could be anything short of God? (of Desire maybe)

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